Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hoosiers for McCain Call-Out

Attention Indiana McCain Supporters!

If you can help with Senator John McCain’s ballot access and delegate selection processes, including, perhaps, by becoming a delegate yourself, and you are not already working with our Indiana team, please reply to with your name, address and phone number.


McCain Momentum Continues

McCain Momentum Continues


“In additional polls released by Survey USA and Research 2000 over the weekend, Senator McCain continues to outperform Rudy Giuliani in swing states across the country in match ups against Hillary Clinton. Americans realize John McCain is ready to lead from day one and that's why he is the strongest Republican candidate to take on the Democratic nominee.”

The polls show John McCain doing better than Rudy Giuliani in the general election in Minnesota and Wisconsin and leading Hillary Clinton in important swing states such as Iowa (+4), Virginia (+9) and Ohio (+1), whereas Giuliani trails Clinton by 4 points in Iowa, 3 points in Ohio and tied, yes tied, in Virginia. John McCain continues to be the best General Election candidate for our party.

“John McCain personally spoke about his differences with Hillary Clinton over the weekend at a town hall meeting at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. He discussed the responsibility that falls to the American people to set the course for the years ahead and contrast his unique vision for America to that of Senator Clinton's with the 2008 presidential elections. John McCain is the conservative Republican with the best chance to defeat Hillary Clinton, or whomever the Democrats nominate, and take on the challenges that confront us.”

9-11 Commish is for McCain

John McCain proudly received the endorsement of Governor Tom Kean this week.


“The Honorable Thomas H. Kean, 9/11 Commission Chairman and former governor of New Jersey, joins a distinguished group of national security experts supporting John McCain, including:

George P. Shultz
Former Secretary of State

Lawrence S. Eagleburger
Former Secretary of State

R. James Woolsey Jr.
Former Director of Central Intelligence

Henry A. Kissinger
Former Secretary of State

John F. Lehman Jr.
Former Secretary of the Navy

James R. Schlesinger
Former Director of Central Intelligence

Alexander M. Haig Jr.
Former Secretary of State

Robert C. McFarlane
Former National Security Advisor

Governor Kean endorsed John McCain because McCain understands the nature of the terrorist threats that continue to confront us all. America needs a commander in chief at the helm who is ready to be president on the day he or she takes office and John McCain is ready.

Governor Kean said, ‘Like Dwight D. Eisenhower and like Ronald Reagan, John McCain senses the dangers our country faces and is the man best prepared to face them. He commands respect among his fellow citizens and stands ready to use the trust they place in him to rise above the partisanship and divisiveness that have come to characterize Washington today.’
John McCain is proud to have Governor Kean's support and has asked him to serve as chair of the First Responders for McCain coalition, along with Governor Tom Ridge.”

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CNN Declares War on McCain

We have a clear front runner. We can tell this, by the point when CNN decides who they will drown with yellow journalism to protect their patron saints, the Clintons (remember the tired handle, the “Clinton News Network”? It’s baa-ack!)

This week, at a luncheon in South Carolina, a zealous and impolite supporter of McCain asked the Senator what he would do to defeat Hillary Clinton, whom the supporter described by the “B” word. Whether meant in jest or all seriousness, the supporter made a mistake in front of a camera. McCain responded as best as he could when vitriol has been dumped in the political waters…

Quoting Rick Davis, McCain Campaign Chair:

“Senator McCain first responded by saying that he respected Senator Clinton, as he has said repeatedly throughout the campaign. Then, focusing on the question, he pointed to the new Rasmussen national poll showing that he is the only Republican candidate who can beat her in a general election. No other Republican candidate beat Clinton in the poll.”

CNN went on the offensive, smelling what they thought was blood in the water, and leading to outrageous journalism, that is so yellow, Hearst would be giddy.

Rich Sanchez. Liberal bloggers and their friends at CNN said the McCain campaign was over because of the statement of one, lone voter in South Carolina. Whereas just days ago, HRC was let off the hook for planting questions at her own events, we now have CNN saying that McCain is responsible for every human beings actions including his own. Sounds like a liberal line of reasoning to me.

Why are they doing this?

According to Davis…it is “because John McCain is the only Republican who beats Hillary Clinton in recent national polling data and who will beat her in the general election. The Rasmussen poll shows that he leads Senator Hillary Clinton by two or three points while Rudy Giuliani loses to Hillary Clinton by six points. State-by-state polling shows that he can win important swing states in the general election whereas Rudy Giuliani loses those swing states. John McCain is now in a strong second place in most, if not all, recent national polling. These polls emphasize what CNN and their liberal friends are afraid of: John McCain is the best general election candidate. John McCain is improving in primary polls. A poll released yesterday by CBS News shows that he is now in second place in New Hampshire. He won New Hampshire in 2000 and he will win New Hampshire in 2008. The McCain comeback is here and it is real.”

McCain Snags Brownback's Endorsement

Sam Brownback, the truly conservative senator from Kansas, who just months ago was a candidate for president, has come out in favor of John McCain. Says Brownback:

“This morning, I flew to Iowa to join and endorse my friend, John McCain, for President of the United States. John McCain is a true American hero and I'm proud to stand with him today. He is the only candidate who can rally the Reagan coalition of conservatives, Independents, and conservative Democrats needed to defeat Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat in the general election next year.

While I respect all of the Republicans running for president this year, John McCain is the only choice to lead our country in the global fight against Islamic fundamentalism. He has the experience, the knowledge, and the courage for this fight. He alone among the candidates for President recognized years ago that our strategy in Iraq was failing and had the guts to call for change. We need that leadership in the White House.

John McCain also represents the values that are the core of our Republican party. He has spent a lifetime standing up for human rights around the world, including a consistent 24 year pro-life record of protecting the rights of the unborn. We do not have to abandon our principles of life, faith and family to defeat the Democrats next fall; we can stand with John McCain.”