Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blogs for McCain: Obama keeps stuttering

Obama Stammers: “Uh…Um…Uh…Um”

Ben Smith at the Politico reports that Barack Obama pulled back on the campaign reins quickly today after his campaign sent out a surprisingly negative release on Palin as McCain’s VP choice…

Proving that Obama isn’t so eloquent without the aid of his script and teleprompter, the pool report actually includes all his stumbles:

“I think that, uh, you know, campaigns start getting these, uh, hair triggers and, uh, the statement that Joe and I put out reflects our sentiments,” he said, according to the pool report, apparently criticizing his staff for going overboard, as he did occasionally in the primary.

Note: Anybody else find the statement at the end by Obama’s running mate a bit creepy? A friend of the blog who sent it along said Biden has earned a nickname from some women on the Hill: “Creepy Joe.” Looks like the debates ought to be interesting, eh?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is Vice President Candidate

Of all the possible outcomes this was the best. On the day after the Obama rally, John McCain the maverick chooses Governor Sarah Palin as his partner for the next 4 years.

God Bless America!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Obama chose who for his partner?

There have been hundreds of blog posts all over the web on Barack Obama's choice for his running partner. Many have suggested that he was forced to pick Joe Biden after Russia invaded Georgia and showed his foreign policy weakness to the world.

Others like Uncouth Ruminations, (See He Blew It: Obama chooses Biden) suggest that he made a blunder by choosing a very weak and error prone Senator, instead of Hillary Clinton because he couldn't handle the ego battle with Bill Clinton.

Now the pressure is on Senator John McCain to choose wisely, to be unpredictable, and show the nation how a real leader makes decisions.

John McCain still rising in polls

Barack Obama is still waiting on the customary bounce from a convention, where or where is it? Reports yesterday focused on three pieces of news: Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and John McCain moving ahead in the polls for the first time.

Karl Rove "the more this race focuses on McCain v Obama, the more people have to give serious consideration to Barack Obama and his ability to be our President." I will add to that, "the more people think beyond their party or their political niche, the more they ask themselves the question "do I want Barack Obama learning on the job."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain winning handily in Indiana

McCain Takes Six-Point Lead In Indiana

Real Clear Politics has been categorizing Indiana as a toss up state in the presidential race. A new Survey USA poll puts McCain ahead by six points, 50%-44%.

Sorry for the quick post, there's a lot of people online posting these poll results, the good news is that Senator John McCain is solid in Indiana, and that Governor Mitch Daniels is running away with his race over Jill Long Thompson

McCain pulls ahead of Obama

(Cross posted at Indiana's Conservative Hardball)

Isn't this a beautiful headline?
Looks like the koolaid is wearing off...
Poll shows McCain in 5-point lead over Obama
By John Whitesides
Political Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - In a sharp turnaround, Republican John McCain has opened a 5-point lead on Democrat Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential race and is seen as a stronger manager of the economy, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

McCain leads Obama among likely U.S. voters by 46 percent to 41 percent, wiping out Obama's solid 7-point advantage in July and taking his first lead in the monthly Reuters/Zogby poll.

The reversal follows a month of attacks by McCain, who has questioned Obama's experience, criticized his opposition to most new offshore oil drilling and mocked his overseas trip.

The poll was taken Thursday through Saturday as Obama wrapped up a weeklong vacation in Hawaii that ceded the political spotlight to McCain, who seized on Russia's invasion of Georgia to emphasize his foreign policy views.

"There is no doubt the campaign to discredit Obama is paying off for McCain right now," pollster John Zogby said. "This is a significant ebb for Obama."

McCain now has a 9-point edge, 49 percent to 40 percent, over Obama on the critical question of who would be the best manager of the economy -- an issue nearly half of voters said was their top concern in the November 4 presidential election.

That margin reversed Obama's 4-point edge last month on the economy over McCain, an Arizona senator and former Vietnam prisoner of war who has admitted a lack of economic expertise and shows far greater interest in foreign and military policy.
Still, take nothing for granted.

This election I feel will be the most important one to date in my 35 some years.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama may anoint VP pick Tuesday morning

(Cross posted at Indiana's Conservative Hardball)

Eariler today, Gov. Tim Kaine was all but eliminated from Obama's VP short list.

The DNC announced that a "Virginia governor" will make the keynote speech at the Democratic Convention—but it wasn’t the state’s current governor, Tim Kaine.

Rather, former governor (and current Senate candidate) Mark Warner will give the speech.

Since Democrats are unlikely to give the keynote address to a Virginian if the vice presidential nominee is also from Virginia, the announcement means that Tim Kaine is unlikely to get the nod as Barack Obama’s number two.

Surprises are always possible, but with Kaine apparently out of the running, we see four likely candidates left in Obama’s veepstakes:

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill
Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (do we have to claim him?)
Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd
Delaware Sen. Joe Biden

Let the madness begin...

So who should we prep for?

Ripping apart Evan Bayh? Beating up Joe Biden?
Laughing at Chris Dodd? Taking swipes at Claire McCaskill?

Maybe an outsider or darkhorse?

Sam Nunn? James Webb? Or maybe even Hillary herself?

Drudge is reporting:
The NYT newsroom was buzzing late Monday afternoon after Obama-beat reporter Jeff Zeleny learned how the Dem hopeful has finalized his choice for a
running-mate -- and set out an elaborate roll-out to announce his decision that will begin with an early morning e-mail to supporters, perhaps as early as Tuesday!

Developing... all night long
My friends... this could be a long night.

My money is on Biden or Sebelius...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama and McCain Blogs in Indiana

quickie thoughts on @blogindiana today

Frankly, it was a little frustrating that the Obama people sent a surrogate but the McCain campaign didn't even respond to requests. I know I know, I've been told a thousand times "we are independant bloggers and not part of the campaign" but there should have been a presence today at this event.

Bloggers from Porter County Politics and Hoosier Access did represent the right, even though there were four panelists from the left.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We are all Georgians

John McCain on Russia attacking Georgia:

We Are All Georgians reposted from the Wall Street Journal

August 14, 2008; Page A13

For anyone who thought that stark international aggression was a thing of the past, the last week must have come as a startling wake-up call. After clashes in the Georgian region of South Ossetia, Russia invaded its neighbor, launching attacks that threaten its very existence. Some Americans may wonder why events in this part of the world are any concern of ours. After all, Georgia is a small, remote and obscure place. But history is often made in remote, obscure places.

As Russian tanks and troops moved through the Roki Tunnel and across the internationally recognized border into Georgia, the Russian government stated that it was acting only to protect Ossetians. Yet regime change in Georgia appears to be the true Russian objective.

Two years ago, I traveled to South Ossetia. As soon as we arrived at its self-proclaimed capital — now occupied by Russian troops — I saw an enormous billboard that read, “Vladimir Putin, Our President.” This was on sovereign Georgian territory.

Russian claims of humanitarian motives were further belied by a bombing campaign that encompassed the whole of Georgia, destroying military bases, apartment buildings and other infrastructure, and leaving innocent civilians wounded and killed. As the Russian Black Sea Fleet began concentrating off of the Georgian coast and Russian troops advanced on one city after another, there could be no doubt about the nature of their aggression.

Despite a French-brokered cease-fire — which worryingly does not refer to Georgia’s territorial integrity — Russian attacks have continued. There are credible reports of civilian killings and even ethnic cleansing as Russian troops move deeper into Georgian territory.

Moscow’s foreign minister revealed at least part of his government’s aim when he stated that “Mr. Saakashvili” — the democratically elected president of Georgia — “can no longer be our partner. It would be better if he went.” Russia thereby demonstrated why its neighbors so ardently seek NATO membership.

In the wake of this crisis, there are the stirrings of a new trans-Atlantic consensus about the way we should approach Russia and its neighbors. The leaders of Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Latvia flew to Tbilisi to demonstrate their support for Georgia, and to condemn Russian aggression. The French president traveled to Moscow in an attempt to end the fighting. The British foreign minister hinted of a G-8 without Russia, and the British opposition leader explicitly called for Russia to be suspended from the grouping.

The world has learned at great cost the price of allowing aggression against free nations to go unchecked. A cease-fire that holds is a vital first step, but only one. With our allies, we now must stand in united purpose to persuade the Russian government to end violence permanently and withdraw its troops from Georgia. International monitors must gain immediate access to war-torn areas in order to avert an even greater humanitarian disaster, and we should ensure that emergency aid lifted by air and sea is delivered.

We should work toward the establishment of an independent, international peacekeeping force in the separatist regions, and stand ready to help our Georgian partners put their country back together. This will entail reviewing anew our relations with both Georgia and Russia. As the NATO secretary general has said, Georgia remains in line for alliance membership, and I hope NATO will move ahead with a membership track for both Georgia and Ukraine.

At the same time, we must make clear to Russia’s leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the values, stability and peace of that world. The U.S. has cancelled a planned joint military exercise with Russia, an important step in this direction.

The Georgian people have suffered before, and they suffer today. We must help them through this tragedy, and they should know that the thoughts, prayers and support of the American people are with them. This small democracy, far away from our shores, is an inspiration to all those who cherish our deepest ideals. As I told President Saakashvili on the day the cease-fire was declared, today we are all Georgians. We mustn’t forget it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Larry Kudlow - President Following McCain's Lead

Larry Kudlow says McCain should link Tsar Putin with Drill Drill Drill

Will John McCain turn Tsar Putin’s invasion of Georgia into a drill, drill, drill issue? He should. It will throw Democrats even more on the defensive -- especially Sen. Obama whose weak response to Putin’s neo-Soviet actions have already put him way behind the eight ball on Russia.

McCain’s responses have been superb. And President Bush today adopted many of them -- in particular the warnings on world trade, the G8 (G7?), and a Truman-like airlift of humanitarian assistance relief. Even sending Condi Rice over there and putting SecDef Bob Gates into play.

He even suggests what many of us have noted over the last couple months, namely that John McCain is asserting more leadership on the global front while Barack Obama is really having to play catch up. More global problems doesn't work well for the Obama plan.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Energy Policy and the election of 2008

Charles Krauthammer on the possible election results from energy and the national debate now called #dontgo on the election. (See also #dontgo twitter search)

With Democrats in the cat-birds seat, an unpopular President and teetering economy, it was a foregone conclusion in the spring that Democrats would run the tables and pick up the White House and hold both Houses of Congress. Now? That fleeting opportunity is falling through their hands as the American public demands more eneregy, all kinds of energy be added to supply to reduce the price of oil now.

" ...The Italian Communist party could win this election. The American Democratic party is trying its best to lose it ... Democrats have the advantage on just about every domestic issue from health care to education. However, Americans’ greatest concern is the economy, and their greatest economic concern is energy (by a significant margin: 37 percent to 21 percent for inflation). Yet Democrats have gratuitously forfeited the issue of increased drilling for domestic oil and gas ...

... Barack Obama remains opposed to new offshore drilling (although he now says he would accept a highly restricted version as part of a comprehensive package). Just last week, he claimed that if only Americans would inflate their tires properly and get regular tune-ups, “we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling ...

Why is this issue either/or? Who’s against properly inflated tires? Do everything. Wind and solar. A tire gauge in every mailbox. Hell, a team of oxen for every family (to pull their gasoline-drained SUVs).

Why would you not drill to provide a steady supply of proven fuels for the next few decades as we make the huge technological and economic transition to renewable energy?

Congressional Democrats demand instead a clampdown on “speculators.” The Democrats proposed this a month ago. In the meantime, “speculators” have driven the price down by $25 a barrel ..."

I apologize in advance for taking so liberally from the article, I couldn't figure out what to not quote. But you would do well to read the article in its entirety On Energy Do Everything so that you can get the full context.

Why not drill offshore? Why not release permits for wind farms, nuclear reactors, and innovative energy sources? Why not invest in innovations in ethanol that will use less food stuffs and take away the corn and food bubble? Why not encourage people to maintain their cars, including proper inflation of tires of course.

But, to go home for a five week vacation, while Americans are suffering under $4.00 gasoline? That's too much! Speaker Pelosi: Let your people go ... back to Washington to finish their jobs.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Barack's offices in Indiana a ruse

Frugal Hoosiers has the scoop (picked up from Hoosier Access) Just what we had suspected for quite some time. Those “Obama offices” opening all over Indiana are mainly a ruse.

This office in Muncie - vacant. According to FH these “offices” were opened with grand openings and 10 day leases. Many of his other “offices” are within existing Democrat HQ’s.

Congress - dontgo on vacation

Read the whole article here:

What is the #dontgo movement?

"I had a reader email asking plainly, "what is the #dontgo movement" so here's a post explaining and I'll post in a couple places so you can check in yourself. By the way Senator John Mccain is supporting this idea, and Senator Obama is not ..."

And more here:

House Republicans' "Don't Go" Protest

"Don't Go Vids" youtube channel

Rep. Cantor's online petition

Rep. John Culberson on Twitter

House Republican Uprising live blog

Culberson Qik videos

Rep. Rob Wittman live updates on Twitter

House Republicans' Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

House Republican Uprising photos on flickr

Summize Twitter feed

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C-Span live streaming coverage

"Media Lizzy" coverage

$10 gasoline - the goal of Obama supporters

From Memoirs from a Young Conservative

This one will make you scratch your head. A series of Obama supporters on video begging for higher priced oil, and gasoline.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McCain Leading in some Polls

What a difference in the last 10 days. Barack Obama finally goes to Iraq, but mistakenly spends some time playing rock star in Germany. Senator John McCain stays home and begins to build a case for off-shore drilling (see #dontgo activity in US House) and points out that Senator Obama is really just a celebrity without the ability to lead out country, similar to Paris Hilton.

From Hammond Ramblings:

McCain over Takes Obama

Absolutely Amazing. Senator Obama, you would think, should be up at least 15%!

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Matt, Senator Obama would be up by 15% if celebrities were the only voters.

Monday, August 4, 2008

McCain Rebounds Yet Again

In the face of the Obamanation of celebrity and media frenzy, when major media were reporting a 9 point run-away lead for Barack ... John McCain does what he's done so many times before.

Do you all remember last summer when Senator McCain was counted out, was losing money, was losing conservative support and pundits were clamoring for his resignation from the primaries? What did he do? He spoke to Americans about real life, face to face in town halls and personal appearances. He decried the "run to the right" demands of the conservative wing and remained true to who he is.

In less than a week now we arrive at a whole new starting point to the last 90 days of this election cycle. Barack Obama has fallen 10 points in the polls and most are showing a statistical dead-heat with Rasmussen showing McCain ahead by one point. The Republican Congressional delegation, at least those willing to take some heat, are staging a sit-in at the United States House demanding an up or down vote on oil drilling. Obama is defending his decision to use race as a trump card, and defending his decision to agree "to negotatiate" on drilling for more oil.

Obama is flipping around to the public view, once again.

What a diference a week makes.

If you aren't following the frenzy in Washington today, which started Friday, go to and use the hash tag #dontgo for your search. You'll find literally hundreds of twitter posts following the minute by minute progress of the House Republicans who are debating even though Nancy Pelosi sent them home on vacation. If you aren't on twitter yet, then what's keeping you, sign up today at

While Speaker Pelosi may think she can censor the House Republicans, led by our own Indiana Mike Pence, she cannot. Technology has made even limited censorship impossible.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obama changes mind, now he'd like cheaper gasonline

I guess you can chalk it up to leadership by John Mccain, and the House Republican Congress, especially our own Rep. Mike Pence from Indiana.

Barack is now changing his tune ... this issue is out of the control of the Democrat spin machine and now they are backtracking. He's lost 9 points in polls in 2 weeks.

"He's Said From the Very Beginning that the Energy Policy He Formerly Espoused was Wrong.

This, really, was about as predictable as the sun rising in the east this morning:

My interest is in making sure we've got the kind of comprehensive energy policy that can bring down gas prices," Obama told The Palm Beach Post early into a two-day swing through Florida.

But on Saturday morning, Obama said this "wasn't really a new position."

"I made a general point about the fact that we need to provide the American people some relief and that there has been constructive conversations between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate on this issue," he said during a press conference in Cape Canaveral.

I don't know why Barack Obama bothers giving speeches anymore, since everyone in America already knows what he's going to say anyway."

Friday, August 1, 2008

John McCain completes another comeback week

10 days ago, down ten points and all the talk about Obama's big overseas trip.

Today: The Republicans in Congress debated in the dark, after House Speaker Pelosi turned off the lights, to push for a vote on oil drilling.

Polls show the election a dead-heat.

Two great camgaign ads, one showing Obama as the vapid celebrity, and one pointing fun at his self-imposed messianic complex.

McCain revives campaign with scrappy smarts
By Jim Wooten Friday, August 1, 2008, 08:59 PM
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Declare it “John McCain came to life” week. Argue that he’s old. That he’s a maverick and may not be all that conservative. That he’ll be steamrolled under the Obama surge. That all the pizazz is with the challenger.
Argue all that. And yet after last week there is reason to be excited at his prospects.