Thursday, August 7, 2008

$10 gasoline - the goal of Obama supporters

From Memoirs from a Young Conservative

This one will make you scratch your head. A series of Obama supporters on video begging for higher priced oil, and gasoline.


Anonymous said...

Do only two people read your blog? I've only seen two different responders. It seems like you're going a lot of work for two people.

Hoosiers for John McCain said...

I'd write if only my teenage sons read the blog. It only takes a few minutes each day to point out to them the fallacy in following a celebrity like Obama.

But, no we have more readers, and a few writers too, and I'm sure things will crank back up to hot and heavy once the convention kicks into gear.

Have you been following the #dontgo movement on twitter? I think Obama is in trouble on this one, he either stands firm against all increased oil drilling and ticks off 80% of the public, or he flip-flops and ticks off

Laura Elizabeth Morales said...

Great post! I'm glad more bloggers are picking up on this story.