Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Larry Kudlow - President Following McCain's Lead

Larry Kudlow says McCain should link Tsar Putin with Drill Drill Drill

Will John McCain turn Tsar Putin’s invasion of Georgia into a drill, drill, drill issue? He should. It will throw Democrats even more on the defensive -- especially Sen. Obama whose weak response to Putin’s neo-Soviet actions have already put him way behind the eight ball on Russia.

McCain’s responses have been superb. And President Bush today adopted many of them -- in particular the warnings on world trade, the G8 (G7?), and a Truman-like airlift of humanitarian assistance relief. Even sending Condi Rice over there and putting SecDef Bob Gates into play.

He even suggests what many of us have noted over the last couple months, namely that John McCain is asserting more leadership on the global front while Barack Obama is really having to play catch up. More global problems doesn't work well for the Obama plan.

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