Monday, August 4, 2008

McCain Rebounds Yet Again

In the face of the Obamanation of celebrity and media frenzy, when major media were reporting a 9 point run-away lead for Barack ... John McCain does what he's done so many times before.

Do you all remember last summer when Senator McCain was counted out, was losing money, was losing conservative support and pundits were clamoring for his resignation from the primaries? What did he do? He spoke to Americans about real life, face to face in town halls and personal appearances. He decried the "run to the right" demands of the conservative wing and remained true to who he is.

In less than a week now we arrive at a whole new starting point to the last 90 days of this election cycle. Barack Obama has fallen 10 points in the polls and most are showing a statistical dead-heat with Rasmussen showing McCain ahead by one point. The Republican Congressional delegation, at least those willing to take some heat, are staging a sit-in at the United States House demanding an up or down vote on oil drilling. Obama is defending his decision to use race as a trump card, and defending his decision to agree "to negotatiate" on drilling for more oil.

Obama is flipping around to the public view, once again.

What a diference a week makes.

If you aren't following the frenzy in Washington today, which started Friday, go to and use the hash tag #dontgo for your search. You'll find literally hundreds of twitter posts following the minute by minute progress of the House Republicans who are debating even though Nancy Pelosi sent them home on vacation. If you aren't on twitter yet, then what's keeping you, sign up today at

While Speaker Pelosi may think she can censor the House Republicans, led by our own Indiana Mike Pence, she cannot. Technology has made even limited censorship impossible.

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