Monday, November 10, 2008

Lost but rebuilding - Conservatives regrouping

Obviously there won't be much reason to use this site, I don't believe Senator McCain will have any reason to run again in 2012 for President.

Perhaps Governor Palin (or Senator Palin at that time?)
Or a whole list of other strong Republicans contenders for the leadership.

For now the real challenge becomes learning from the loss:
We got some requests here for advice on how to get involved, start reading the real thinkers listed above, start commenting and engaging, choose a "movement" to get behind and help them with small donations, contact your local county chair and ask to be appointed to a precinct (everyone needs new appointees right now) ... Most of all, talk to the real people in your life about the American Dream and how we can all work to gain it together.

For now, signing off this site, what a fun ride!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A lot of fun, and sad today

What a ride we had over the last 18 months!

We supported Senator McCain when no one thought he'd even make it until the end of 2007, and into the primaries. We supported him through the primaries and all thru 2008.

Now, after a defeat, we'll stay away from attacking Barack Obama. He will need to govern, and govern well, or find himself dealing with 25% approval ratings and a mess for his party

For now ... Thanks for the memories Senator McCain ... we're sad to see it over.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Indiana has its hare of ACORN issues

Watch Indiana for ACORN and voter problems

Marion County Absentee Ballot Confusion

There has been a great deal of confusion over the lawsuit Marion County Republicans filed against the Marion Co. Election Board this week, Schoettle v. Marion Co. Election Board, in which Circuit Court Judge Ted Sosin had to order the county to follow the law and not process provisional ballots into the voting systems at polling places on election day, thereby commingling them with otherwise validly cast votes. This confusion arose during the election training Marion Co. Clerk Beth White's office put on for election day inspectors, judges and clerks last weekend. I attended the training for judges and can personally attest to the confusion created by White's training video. (Click link above for full article on Marion County Clerk's somewhat creative way of trying to include provisional ballots without review by the election board)

Not the first time ...

from Election Journal, a good place for these breaking voter issues tomorrow and Tuesday.

The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette compared the Allen County, Indiana voter file to the Florida voter file and found 2,000 probable overlaps with the same name and birthday:

The Journal Gazette compared the list of 222,000 active registered voters in Allen County with the list of more than 12 million registered voters in Florida and found that 2,172 registrations have the same first and last names, middle names or initials and the same birth dates and are listed as active, eligible voters in both places.

This could be very significant. Both Florida and Indiana are close states, and Allen County contains a significant portion of the votes in IN-03, where Congressman Mark Souder is in a close re-election race.

How many more of these are there? How many have voted?

Recall that when the Indiana voter-ID law went to Supreme Court, one of the plaintiffs was Faye Buis-Ewing, who was registered in both Indiana and Florida and was fraudulently claiming homestead tax exemptions in both states.

Also, right next door in Lake County the early voting mess continued all week, with judges eventually ruling that the voting centers could stay open, even though the law was definitely broken by Democrats. Interesting how we're "suppressing" votes when we try to follow the law.


Indiana - Voter Fraud Problems