Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama may anoint VP pick Tuesday morning

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Eariler today, Gov. Tim Kaine was all but eliminated from Obama's VP short list.

The DNC announced that a "Virginia governor" will make the keynote speech at the Democratic Convention—but it wasn’t the state’s current governor, Tim Kaine.

Rather, former governor (and current Senate candidate) Mark Warner will give the speech.

Since Democrats are unlikely to give the keynote address to a Virginian if the vice presidential nominee is also from Virginia, the announcement means that Tim Kaine is unlikely to get the nod as Barack Obama’s number two.

Surprises are always possible, but with Kaine apparently out of the running, we see four likely candidates left in Obama’s veepstakes:

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius
Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill
Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (do we have to claim him?)
Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd
Delaware Sen. Joe Biden

Let the madness begin...

So who should we prep for?

Ripping apart Evan Bayh? Beating up Joe Biden?
Laughing at Chris Dodd? Taking swipes at Claire McCaskill?

Maybe an outsider or darkhorse?

Sam Nunn? James Webb? Or maybe even Hillary herself?

Drudge is reporting:
The NYT newsroom was buzzing late Monday afternoon after Obama-beat reporter Jeff Zeleny learned how the Dem hopeful has finalized his choice for a
running-mate -- and set out an elaborate roll-out to announce his decision that will begin with an early morning e-mail to supporters, perhaps as early as Tuesday!

Developing... all night long
My friends... this could be a long night.

My money is on Biden or Sebelius...

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