Wednesday, November 14, 2007

CNN Declares War on McCain

We have a clear front runner. We can tell this, by the point when CNN decides who they will drown with yellow journalism to protect their patron saints, the Clintons (remember the tired handle, the “Clinton News Network”? It’s baa-ack!)

This week, at a luncheon in South Carolina, a zealous and impolite supporter of McCain asked the Senator what he would do to defeat Hillary Clinton, whom the supporter described by the “B” word. Whether meant in jest or all seriousness, the supporter made a mistake in front of a camera. McCain responded as best as he could when vitriol has been dumped in the political waters…

Quoting Rick Davis, McCain Campaign Chair:

“Senator McCain first responded by saying that he respected Senator Clinton, as he has said repeatedly throughout the campaign. Then, focusing on the question, he pointed to the new Rasmussen national poll showing that he is the only Republican candidate who can beat her in a general election. No other Republican candidate beat Clinton in the poll.”

CNN went on the offensive, smelling what they thought was blood in the water, and leading to outrageous journalism, that is so yellow, Hearst would be giddy.

Rich Sanchez. Liberal bloggers and their friends at CNN said the McCain campaign was over because of the statement of one, lone voter in South Carolina. Whereas just days ago, HRC was let off the hook for planting questions at her own events, we now have CNN saying that McCain is responsible for every human beings actions including his own. Sounds like a liberal line of reasoning to me.

Why are they doing this?

According to Davis…it is “because John McCain is the only Republican who beats Hillary Clinton in recent national polling data and who will beat her in the general election. The Rasmussen poll shows that he leads Senator Hillary Clinton by two or three points while Rudy Giuliani loses to Hillary Clinton by six points. State-by-state polling shows that he can win important swing states in the general election whereas Rudy Giuliani loses those swing states. John McCain is now in a strong second place in most, if not all, recent national polling. These polls emphasize what CNN and their liberal friends are afraid of: John McCain is the best general election candidate. John McCain is improving in primary polls. A poll released yesterday by CBS News shows that he is now in second place in New Hampshire. He won New Hampshire in 2000 and he will win New Hampshire in 2008. The McCain comeback is here and it is real.”

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Brad Marston said...

Great post David. You're right. The McCain momentum grows and the MSM (who used to love McCain) can't stand it.

I made the same type of comment about a Boston Globe article when I was on the Straight Talk Express last week. Unfortunately, the author of the article was sitting next to me.