Thursday, May 3, 2007

As Iowa goes, so will Indiana for McCain

The latest battleground primary states show McCain taking a slight lead over his rivals. In IOWA, the latest American Research Group poll of likely caucus-goers shows John McCain leading in the Republican Primary.

For the GOP:
McCain - 26%,
Rudy Giuliani - 19%,
Mitt Romney - 14%,
Fred Thompson - 13%,
Newt Gingrich - 8%,
Mike Huckabee and
Tom Tancredo tied with 2% apiece,
and everyone else each at 1% or less.

In NEW HAMPSHIRE, a new American Research Group poll of likely primary voters shows McCain leading Romney by a 29% to 24% vote. Giuliani was third with 17%, followed by Fred Thompson at 7%, Gingrich at 4%, and everyone else each at 1% or less.

In SOUTH CAROLINA: ARG is also out with a South Carolina poll. Again the early leader is McCain.

For The GOP:
McCain - 36%,
Giualiani - 23%,
Fred Thompson - 10%,
Romney and Gingrich tied with 6% each,
Huckabee - 2%, and all others at 1% or less.

IOWA will be the trigger for Indiana to go for McCain. With Iowans warming to McCain's energy security policy, the #1 producing corn state will likely influence Indiana Farmers to see McCain is the right choice for Hoosiers. Add in the recent support of Mitch Daniels, and Indiana is McCain country.

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