Thursday, May 3, 2007

Hoosier Governor, Attorney General, Support McCain

In February, Governor Mitch Daniels gave his official endorsement of John McCain for President. Daniels said "John McCain is a long-time friend. More importantly, he is a principled leader with a history of integrity, opposing excessive government spending and dealing honestly with the American people." Also in early 2007, McCain gained the endorsement of the States Attorneys General Association, including Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter.

Daniels, the first republican governor of Indiana in sixteen years, cannot be ignored for his potential as a cabinet member, if not a midwestern candidate for Vice-President. Daniels has both the gravitas as the OMB Director under George W. Bush, and experience as an advisor to Reagan. Daniels is another straight-talker, earning the nickname, "The Blade" while presiding over the early lean budgets of the Bush Administration. McCain could use the support from the only Republican governor in the Midwest, a place that McCain must carry to win both the nomination and the election.

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