Sunday, September 16, 2007

No Surrender

McCain's shining moment in last week's debate came by way of Slick Romney's faux paux. Romney indicated that the surge in Iraq was "appearantly working". McCain corrected him, to say the strategy IS WORKING.

McCain has been right all along on Iraq. For four years, McCain has said the war was mismanaged. For four years, he has advocated soldiers on the ground managing the war, instead of polls and armchair generals in the Senate. McCain tied himself to General Petreaus and his assessment, and asked the nation to wait for the surge to work while McCain lost his standing in the presidential race. And now we have a report, recommendations, and a exit strategy with honor. McCain was right all along.

And while other pols have tried to avoid taking a stand on Iraq, McCain stuck to his guns, and defined courage. In fact, his opponents, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee have said that if they were not running for President, they would vote for McCain. That is a hefty compliment.

John McCain is governing while he is running for president. He takes policy positions and still tries to do his job as a senior senator. He makes tough calls, unpopular calls and sees them through. And in this latest debate over Iraq, he was right all along.

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