Wednesday, October 17, 2007

McCain Momentum II: The Debates

Here’s what they are saying about John McCain. The big story here, I really think, is John McCain. He's the comeback kid. I think he's back in this race. We all wrote him off six weeks ago, we all thought he had suffered the knockout punch. I think he actually did look presidential." Says Steve Moore of WSJ (CNBC's "Kudlow & Company," 10/9/07).

"Mr. McCain had a pretty good evening, did he not? ... And he's kind of on the upslope now. It's an interesting story, from down in the depths, Death Valley days, a couple of months ago - he seems to be on the rise." Larry Kudlow (CNBC's "Kudlow & Company," 10/9/07)
Despite some agencies making the race a three way between fourth polling place Freddie Dalton Thompson, Giuliani and Romney, McCain still polls close, real close in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Romney appears to have a lead in New Hampshire, but Romney keeps putting his flip-flops in his mouth. Earlier this week, Romney claimed to represent the “Republican Wing of the Republican Party”, a charge that McCain took head on:

“When Gov. Romney donated money to a Democratic candidate in New Hampshire, I don’t think he was speaking for Republicans. When he voted for a Democratic candidate for President, Paul Tsongas, I don’t think he was speaking for Republicans. When he refused to endorse Contract with America, I don’t think he was speaking for Republicans”—John McCain, 10/9/2007

You will probably not hear Romney use that sound bite in a debate again. But you better believe McCain will bring out this line again. That is because, we do not need a pretender as president; we need a real leader.

While Romney has a considerable war chest to manufacture his RINO propaganda, it is only a matter of time before voters in the key early primary states will see through the soothing Hansel and Gretel act of Romney’s campaign and realize that the man campaigning in the Green Mountains is no Republican. They will look to leadership and proven skills, in someone who is talking straight. That is John McCain.

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