Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Facts - The Surge is Working

Friends..........our country is at war against a very determined enemy. America deserves the leadership hat John McCain will bring America. A vote for John McCain is a vote for the safety and security of our families and our way of life.If you haven't provided financial support to this great man in his great journey to become President of the United States of America then now is the time. America needs this man who has already proven his bona fides. McCain is the only major candidate who is ready to serve as commander in chief from day one and while others will boast they can do the job the facts here speak so much in favor for the Senator from the great State of Arizona. I have been proud to be a friend since 1986 and I am honored to help Senator McCain become the 44th President of the United States of America.

Bruce Ash

National Committeeman Arizona

"Violence Levels Are Down Throughout Most Of Iraq"Department of Defense “9010” Report to Congress: “Since The June 2007 Report, Deaths From Ethno-Sectarian Violence Are Down Nearly 90%.

Total Civilian Deaths And Coalition Deaths Have Each Dropped By Over 70%”Read Full “9010” Report: “Measuring Security and Stability in Iraq”“Since the June 2007 report, deaths from ethno-sectarian violence are down nearly 90%.”

Go to True Information from Iraq for the rest of the charts and graphs

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AuntSarah said...

Thank you SO much for the FACTS!