Wednesday, March 5, 2008

McCain Google Groups Formed

The 50 State John McCain Google Groups are ALL up and operating! Some states need leaders, please e-mail if you are interested in running a state!

Here are the links to each group. These groups are NOT associated directly with the John McCain campaign and are run by the McCainVictory08 Team:Alabamians For McCain

Alaskans for McCain
Arizonan’s For McCain!
Arkansas For McCain
Californians For McCain
Colorado For McCain
Connecticut For McCain
DC for McCain
Delaware For McCain
Florida for McCain
Georgia For McCain
Hawaii For McCain!
Idaho for McCain
Illinois For McCain!
Indiana For McCain
Iowa For McCain!
Kansas For McCain!
Kentucky For McCain
Louisiana For McCain
Maine For John McCain
Maryland For McCain
Massachusetts For McCain
Michigan For McCain
Minnesota For McCain!
Mississippi For McCain
Missouri For McCain!
Montana For McCain!
Nebraska For McCain!
Nevadan’s For McCain
New Hampshire For McCain
New Jersey For McCain
New Mexican’s For McCain
New York For McCain
North Carolina For McCain!
North Dakota For McCain!
Ohio For McCain
Oklahoma For McCain!
Oregon For McCain!
Pennsylvania For McCain
Rhode Island For McCain
South Carolina For McCain!
South Dakota For McCain!
Tennessee For McCain
Texas For McCain!
Utah For McCain!
Vermont For John McCain
Virginia for John McCain
Washingtonians for McCain
West Virginia For McCain
Wisconsin For McCain
Wyoming For McCain!

Join Today and get involved in the process of electing our next President ... American Hero John Mccain

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