Monday, March 3, 2008

Would Clinton supporters rather McCain

Do they dislike Obama so much, and worry enough about his lack of ability that they would prefer to vote for John McCain in November?

I was surfing around twitter, Conservatweet posted a link to Hot Air article Republicans rejoice: Hillary claims “momentum” where the obvious thrust of the post was that Republicans are crossing over and voting for Hillary in Texas and Ohio. Her recent, the last week, momentum may very well be turning the tide at just the right time for Come Back Clinton Part 4.

But I found even more enlightening a comment, suggesting that Hillary supporters would prefer McCain over Obama too.

For another, Obamas people hate clinton people. I was at Hillary rally
today…and it seems like Hillary supporters aren’t very fond of Obama either. I
heard one person say they would vote for McCain before Obama because of
terryannonline on March 3, 2008


AuntSarah said...

I have been thinking a little about what would happen if the Democrat's primary race gets to Indiana. But first there is what looks to me like a mess in that special election for our 7th Congressional District seat. I wonder what bloggers are writing about that race. Any reccommendations? I'll try not to bother you for at least several days.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Ok, here's what I found on that race:;jsessionid=DE8CEF7177C398939C70C34ACC70DF3C?diaryId=2025

Sorry I didn't take the time to put them in link form. I'm still learning how to do that

AuntSarah said...

...and another thing...If last last week was McCain test firing on Obama, Obama shot back on national security (if I remember correctly.) BUT on Tuesday it may have helped Clinton.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Sarah, Hillary would be much safer on national security. To put it plainly, she's a follower and would go along with the international methods that we've been using for the last 25 years.

Reagan taught us to stand up to terror and communism, and the real leaders are still doing it.

She'd do the same, but sadly at home we'd be reaping a ton of collateral damage from increased taxes and national health care under her leadership.

Now Obama, his greatest fear is that we come under attack from terrorists during this year. He loses anytime we feel scared about security or defense.

Anonymous said...

This Clinton supporter and every other one I know in NY will vote for McCain if Obama gets the nomination.