Friday, September 19, 2008

First Women - Now Hispanic Leader Endorses McCain

Barack Obama is suffering the worst month of his entire 18 month campaign for President. Starting with the Olympics (and that horrid Russian invasion) which forced him to choose boring Biden. Sure, he had the momentary blip of his rock-star celebration in Denver ... but alas things began to spiral soon after.

First, the Hillary Clinton supporters just never got onboard, and to this day are still causing Obama trouble. Then the Palin announcement, which took the air out of the entire Obamania movement.

Finally this week prominent Democrats begin lining up, not for Obama, but for the McCain-Palin ticket. I think for some of them the Russian invasion of Georgia, followed closely by the problems in the credit markets and financial instability, and the prominent $4.00 gasoline issue ... all added up to just too much. We need a leader we can trust and that we believe is in it for us, for America.

Perhaps the Obama thing would have been a fun experiment if there weren't so many serious issues and so little ability to see what Barack Obama would actually do.

Today, Hispanic leader and former Clinton supporter endorses ... Senator John McCain for President.

In an interview Thursday, Miguel D. Lausell, a Puerto Rican businessman and longtime Democratic activist and fund-raiser, came out for Sen. McCain. While he said he doesn't agree with all the policy positions of the Republican candidate and his running mate, Sarah Palin, Mr. Lausell added: "I find McCain to be a sound person and a man with a track record. I know where he is coming from." Mr. Lausell had been a major backer of Bill Clinton and served as a senior political adviser to Sen. Clinton's unsuccessful bid this year for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Mr. Lausell said he feels Sen. Obama "doesn't really regard the Hispanic community as important." Sen. Clinton won a large majority of the Hispanic vote in most primaries, and Latino voters are an important bloc in swing states such as Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. Most polls show Sen. Obama leads Sen. McCain among Latinos.

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