Monday, September 8, 2008

More Democrat lies and smears against Sarah Palin

Gateway Pundit reports that another blogger (Macranger)has unearthed evidence of an Obama campaign related smear on Sarah Palin, this one very close to Barack himself:

"Two members of Barack of Obama’s campaign, Dick and Sharon Price, created a post today on their “LA Progressive” blog that accuses Sarah Palin of using the name “Sambo” to describe Barack Obama. "


Carl Wicklander said...

The Democrats are desperate. If they thought they could beat McCain-Palin on their merits they would do so. It also shows how hypocritical their opinion of "feminism" is.

Hoosiers for John McCain said...

carl, thanks and we all agree

Everytime the Dems try to hurt Governor Palin, they lose a few more votes from independent women.