Monday, October 20, 2008

Healthcare plans compared

Hat Tip to ARRA New Service and Bill Smith:

On health care, we have reports on each candidate’s plan:
The Obama Health Care Plan: More Power to Washington
Very little in the Obama health plan is new or original. A number of its policy initiatives are recycled from the ill-fated Clinton health plan of 1994 and the Kerry health plan of 2004 and bear a stark resemblance to a more detailed proposal by the Common wealth Fund, a prominent liberal think tank. In general, the Obama plan would give the federal government even more control of health care dollars and decisions—a radical departure from the decentralized decision-making system that characterizes employer-based insurance and state-based insurance regulation.

The McCain Health Care Plan: More Power to Families
McCain's vision for health care reform is underscored by a principled commitment to personal freedom. He focuses on reforming the system to empower individuals and families to make health care decisions and to control their health care dollar.

Having owned a small business, I can attest to the decisions faced by small business owners. Allowing employees to purchase their own insurance, so it's portable and private, is a much better idea for job creation and power for families. They don't want their employers having all that information or that power of them if they decide to change jobs. Giving employees a tax credit is terrific, letting government control that money is terrible. Easy call me for me: John McCain is for families making up their own minds about health care.

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reagan said...

I BELIEVE IN BOTH McCain and Obamas belief and if we bring both of the ideas to gether to form one our health care may be better than to ideas compeeting because if it was able to have that health care it can be the elemination of the tax cut from bush the government not taking over thre insurance if you like your insurance there will be a cutt of 2,500 dollars a year and also make it able for families and individuals to make there own decisions and to control their health care problems......... But my mom is voting for Obama and my Dad is voting for Mccain but i believe that both of them make very wise decisions but i gdo wondeer what it woukd be like if the to health care beliefs came together cuz health care is important for all ages with the diseases out there and cancer bt who knows hopefully my belief will come true????????????