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Real Estate Professionals on McCain and the polls

I get to write on Active Rain and converse often with real estate professionals, (Post is included in group: Real Estate Professionals for John McCain ) some who are supporters of John McCain and others who aren't. Here's a post and commenting interaction that some of you may enjoy reading:

Voters - Use your heads, you're being tricked

Disgusted with vapid voting trends

Are voters so easily manipulated?

Are the voters of the United States of America going to allow themselves to be manipulated by netroots trolls, Obama-mania, the major media and "prevailing opinion?"

First the facts:

  • The race for President is actually too close to call
  • Millions of new registrations have been submitted to vote, but they are untested voters who may or may not even show up at the polls.
  • When polling registered voters Obama tends to lead by a larger amount than when polling "likely" voters.
  • No one won the debates, I can't even say the debates were all that interesting

But, with all this said, the television media is reporting that Obama is running away with the election. How?

For an interesting read, that will turn your stomach, read Sack/Smurf/Freepfest on Daily Kos and see how the left is manipulating the American voting public. It's working by the way. So I return to my original question: Are voters going to allow themselves to be that easily tricked and told what to do?

I'm afraid the answer is yes. When the media tells the average voter that Obama would handle the economy better, they believe. When the media tells the average voter that Obama would help them get a job, make more money, get free healthcare, or a whole host of goodies, they believe. I'm just a bit frustrated today with Americans. When a couple hundred bloggers can sack the online polls, twist the issues, and manipulate the voting public .. what have we become but lazy and irresponsible democracy.

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14 Comments (So far) on Voters - Use your heads, you're being tricked

Steve ~ The American media will have alot of explaining to do trying to elect another extention of the Jimmy Carter Administration. Long lines at gas stations becase like Obama he demonized big oil and taxed and taxed until it cost American tax poyers dearly. We are taxed on eltricity, taxed on cellular phones, taxed on marriage, taxed on alcohol, taxed on life and tax when we die. Obama never saw a tax he didn't vote on, now he says he is a moderate like Bill Clinton.

Well, his voting record made him the number one liberal in the senate, now he says don't pay attention to his past, its meaningless.

10/15/2008 08:24 AM by Nicholas Goglucci, CRS ~ CLHMS, e-PRO ~ Re/Max Professional in South Florida (RE/Max In Motion, Inc.)

People think that movie tickets are high in the US? I heard last night that it costs 15-16 Euro's to see a movie in Spain because of gov't taxes.

These poor (and I mean that literally) people in this country who think Obama will be their savior and tax only the rich. They don't know what they're in store for.

10/15/2008 08:30 AM by Peter Z. Nikic

Gallup has race at 3 points good news today at least, I think the ACORN and Ayres drums are taking a toll on Obama's lead, tightening things back to dead even going into the final debate and 18 days of campaigning

10/15/2008 12:14 PM by Steve Dalton - Northwest Indiana (First Financial Trust Mortgage )

Steve - Wishful thinking if you believe that McCain / Palin stands a chance at this election.

10/15/2008 12:16 PM by John Guiney e-PRO, CBR (Keller Williams Realty)

I'm NOT going to be tricked into believing that a man who has made the kind of crazy decisions that McCain has made, changing them every couple of days, can POSSIBLY do better than an intelligent and thoughtful Obama will.

10/15/2008 12:31 PM by Leslie Prest, Prest Realty, Payson, AZ


I totally agree with you. The media hopes if they keep the Obama is up 14 in the polls, the American people will think it's no use to go vote because Obama's going to win anyway. It is a trick used by the "driveby media" to get their liberal buddy in there. Look at all the people not buying it...that's why their pushing him so hard. Like my pastor says, the heat gets turned up when you get closer to your goal. If it wasn't so close they would simply set back & coast into the presidency. All of Obama's planned, calculated speaches cannot take the place of McCains experience;period.

Yes they do have a chance of winning because the American people are NOT as dumb as Obama want them to believe!

10/16/2008 10:05 AM by Diana Lyons (Coldwell Banker Townside)

There is only one qualified person in this election who deserves to be President! Note!! I said deserves to be President. A forceful take charge leader is what we need right now. One Nation Under God beliefs who will stand by OLD GLORY, through thick and thin. I may not believe in everything McCain stands for-but-If I needed someone to cover my back in a fight it sure to hell wouldn't be?**** What's his name again?

10/16/2008 06:34 PM by matt mathews (mathews realty associates llc)
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Don't like him...don't trust him... where does he get all his funds for his campaign??? I get several flyers a week most looking like they come from McCain but when they are opened are just Obama McCain bashing pieces... Wake up America... We need an american who believes in America and our Pledge as president...

10/20/2008 10:34 AM by Caron's Gateway Real Estate
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Matt - It sounds like McCain would be a great bar buddy for you. I prefer a President who leads the country in a manner such that I won't have to worry about young Americans having to sacrifice their lives in unnecessary wars.

10/20/2008 10:44 AM by Tchaka Owen (Elite Coastal Properties)
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I agree with you Steve. When Powell threw in his backing for Obama it confirmed what I knew all along. People don't care what the man stands for, they are voting for him because either he is the same race as they are or because they are white people who want to prove they aren't prejudice by voting for any stupid thing or because the seriously believe this man will make this country better and are buying into his bs.

The way I see it....if they turn this country into what Obama wants to turn it into, I may as well pack up and move to Tuscany. This won't be America anymore anyway so why put up with the morons here any longer. We will just be one big European Union with one world leader I guess eventually and I've always liked the idea of Italy so why not just go?

10/20/2008 10:46 AM by Cheri' Smith (ERA Whitaker Realty)
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Cheri - Do you think all of the people supporting McCain are doing so because of his race?

10/20/2008 10:56 AM by Tchaka Owen (Elite Coastal Properties)
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Cheri - Spoken like a true Palin supporter. If things aren't to your liking just join an indepenence party or flee the country. Talk about bs.

10/20/2008 11:02 AM by John Guiney e-PRO, CBR (Keller Williams Realty)
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Steve I don't believe the polls, but let them keep predicting big wins, let the socialist elite stay home and plan victory parties while hometown America goes to the polls and elects McCain

10/20/2008 06:08 PM by Hugh Krone Sussex County NJ Century 21 Realtor (Century21BillSemmens)
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Thanks to all of you who commented.

Although it's scarry right now, I feel pretty good that the race is tightening and Americans aren't prepared to be told who to vote for by the media.

10/20/2008 08:17 PM by Steve Dalton - Northwest Indiana (First Financial Trust Mortgage )

First Financial Trust Mortgage

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