Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama is following along

Has it occurred to you that Barack Obama is quite the follower?

  1. He wanted big tax increases, then when he realized this wasn't acceptable to the middle class, he moved the ball to only attack those making over $250,000. (Not really though since he also attacks capital gains which will affect millions of small business owners)
  2. He was against oil drilling, until the whole #dontgo movement proved that a huge majority of Americans want drilling now. So he changed his tune.
  3. He was against nuclear power, until again he listened to real Americans ask "why not" and now he's for nuclear power.
  4. He wanted to spend billions and billions to "fix" lots of problems, many that government caused in the first place ... and now when he sees that Americans aren't all that sure government spending can fix anything ... he says he wants to cut? Cut what Barack? Cut the Energy Department? Cut the Education Department? Cut pay for Congress?
We often see politicians run to the center in general elections, but this is pretty amazing to watch, a grown man giving up on his liberal tendancies to get elected. Or is he really? Perhaps he's just talking and then he'll do what he's always done as a politician.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Do you mean to say that Obama adjusts his positions on issues by LISTENING to the people who is hoping to represent????

What a loser...:-)

Maybe McCain should discuss: Echostar, the Keating scandal, the three aircraft he crashed (plus the one he was shot down in), his application for the license to marry his second wife before he divorced the first, being 5th from the BOTTOM of his class at Annapolis, HIS flip-flops on nation building and immigration and tax cuts.