Monday, May 26, 2008

The details are starting to come out for Obama

Found on Obama Gets Specific and It Ain’t Pretty from Reclaim Our Heritage
Written by Chris Riley an Indiana attorney, in St. Joseph County, and Indiana Republican Party Chairman for that county

In an unusually specific campaign video, Obama promises to “slow the development of future combat systems.” He vows that he will not weaponize space and will instead “cut investment in unproven missile defense systems.” And, in Mondale-like manner (I once thought no one would ever duplicate Mondale), he will “not develop new nuclear weapons” and will “reduce our nuclear arsenals” by negotiating with Russia. (You can view the video simply by visiting website here.)

So much for peace through strength.In the waning days of his indolent presidency, James Buchanan introduced himself as the “last president of the United States”–a tacit acceptance of the confederacy to come. He said nothing while the House tabled a resolution authorizing the president to call out state militias. He acquiesced when the Senate requested funding reductions in the War Department. He failed to see the most pressing issue of his day. Andnearly three percent of the nation’s population died in the four years that followed ...

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