Thursday, May 8, 2008

Obama (take our guns) McCain (free all slaves)

Want to see the choice ahead of us in November, look at these two articles:

Obama Backs U.N. Bill to Disarm Americans
From Four Winds 10: This is just in from Sen. Coburn’s office. Obama has authored a bill, and it is now in the Senate, to give the UN .7% of our GNP to be used to feed hungry 3rd worlders, AND to use UN force to disarm you and me and all gun owners. No one in the media has brought this to the attention of the general sheeple out here.
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John McCain on His Vision for Defending the Freedom and Dignity of the World’s Vulnerable
from McCain Blogs by William Teach
McCain speech from Wednesday Thank you. Last year the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the British and American slave trade in 1807. Nearly fifty-six years would pass before Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, signaling the end of slavery in the United States.

One man cares more about the United Nations, and keeping dictators elsewhere happy with us. The other cares more about the impoverished and the slaves of society, yes they still exist and right here in the U.S.

You will have a choice in November.


The Better Half said...

Interesting about the gun laws...pretty scary, i must say!! The media is too propelled into the "excitement" of who is going to win the democratic ballot, that no one is paying attention to the important stuff--like what the candidates stand for and what they want to push through.--Prayeramedic's Better Half

James said...

Interesting about the gun laws...

Yes, except that it isn't true.

Coburn is referring to the U.N.'s Millennium Declaration, which simply calls on nations to take action to end the *illegal* international trade in small arms and light weapons.

Everyone who supports responsible gun ownership should support this measure.