Wednesday, May 14, 2008

McCain backers may prefer Obama now

I have been hesistant to post much on this site about the Hillary-Barack duel, but the polls in West Virginia and Kentucky sure bring up an interesting point. Namely that those of us supporting John McCain for President, and have assumed up till now that Hillary's negatives would make her eaiser to beat ... perhaps we're seeing that trend change.

Obama's negatives are increasing. He loses badly to McCain according to the polls in Kentucky and West Virginia, where Hillary would fare better.

5/14/08: Clinton Looking to Pull a Repeat of WV in KY
Clinton holds a better than 30% lead among white voters in Kentucky -- looking
to pull a repeat of West Virginia in Kentucky next week. If electability is of
concern to you, Clinton definitely has it in Kentucky. According to the latest
poll, she is in a statistical dead heat with John McCain in Kentucky while Obama
trails by over 30% against McCain. White voters in Kentucky, like West Virginia,
have made it clear that they will not vote for Obama in either the democratic
primary nor the general election.

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