Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Polls show McCain wins

McCain Leads Obama By 8% in VA and NC. A new poll from Virginia Commonwealth University puts John McCain 8% ahead of Hillary in this supposed battleground state. From Libertarian blogger ... who quotes Hedgehog:


  • John McCain (R) 44%
  • Barack Obama (D) 36%

  • John McCain (R) 47%
  • Hillary (D) 38%

This poll was done May 12-18 among 852 registered voters.

Meanwhile, a new poll from Survey USA has McCain also ahead of Obama by 8% in North Carolina. Interestingly, Hillary would actually beat McCain in North Carolina. Does that mean that Democrat voters in North Carolina actually handed McCain the election by voting instead for Obama when given the chance to execute Operation Chaos?


  • John McCain (R) 51%
  • Barack Obama (D) 43%

  • Hillary (D) 49%
  • John McCain (R) 43%

What's the verdict? John McCain is beginning the long slow growth of his voter base that will only escalate when Obama shoves Hillary off the podium at the convention.

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