Friday, May 30, 2008

Sarah Palin moving onto the list?

It's official: Sarah Palin being vetted for VP by McCain
from Libertarian Republican by Eric Dondero

From Adam Brickly:According to Kevin Aylward of WizBang, Arthur Culvahouse, the head of John McCain's VP search, has been spotted in Juneau! If this is true, it would confirm that the McCain campaign is SERIOUSLY considering a Palin nomination.From Clifford Thies:
The ballot for the DCAbloob Republican vice-presidential poll is linked here. Enjoy.

This site has not endorsed any one candidate for VP, but Sarah Palin is sure an interesting option. Fun to watch while we wait and watch the Democrats beating each other up all summer.


Ted said...

There’s been noted buzz of late on rising GOP star Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal as a McCain prospective Veep. Certainly Jindal is more than very good, However, I believe there’s some “strategerie” going on here. The “real” beneficiary of the Jindal talk is the other rising GOP star, Alaska Gov Sarah Palin. Palin’s got everything that Jindal has (new/exciting, wildly popular, ethics and spending reformer, core conservative etc.) and more — mother of 5 w/remarkable bio, she’s 8 yrs older than Jindal, Alaska energy issue, and set to garner the disenfranchised female Hillary voter (I don’t believe Dem leaders can dump Obama).

Getting Jindal’s name out first — at Team McCain’s BBQ for instance — sets the stage for the obvious choice, Palin. For example, albeit Rush Limbaugh introduced Palin’s name, and later Jindal’s as good Veep choices, of late Rush has been praising the name of Jindal while on his very same shows discussing at great length the frustrated female Hillary voter and the global warming hysteria/need for energy development, without mentioning Palin’s name as the obvious beneficiary of those two issues. Rush walks a fine line, introducing Palin, yet can’t, at least yet, reiterate much, knowing that his praises may be counter-productive to many a swing, moderate and/or formerly Dem voter (who’s against Obama and switching to McCain). Moreover, while I feel that Palin has more real accomplishment, experience and qualification than Obama (and Hillary combined, albeit w/Obama the bar is pretty low), the only potential argument against Palin is she’s a newbie to the national scene. By having Jindal out there first as a VP prospect “passing” the “experience” and “new to the national scene” test, implicitly passes Palin as well. (For that matter Palin’s got as much if not more experience and accomplishment than Florida Gov Crist who’s only been Gov for 2 yrs — and the media has been touting Crist as a VP prospect.)

That’s my thinking at least.

Anonymous said...

"Ever the populist, Palin has asked the legislature to pass a bill that would give every resident $1,200 to help pay for gasoline. This proposal isn't a slam-dunk either, but no doubt Hugo Chavez would be proud."

Ted said...

Bottom line, with Palin as VP, McCain WINS.

Without Palin, McCain likely does not win.

Case closed.

Ted said...

Q&A How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters? Answer: PALIN Veep!

Jeff said...

Palin may have an issue with McCain's health care plan though. Her new son has Down syndrome as does mine and would not be able to buy a free market health care policy. With that said she would be a great choice and might make me think again about my support of Obama.

Anonymous said...

The state government earned.

What do you want, use that as a kick back, like those darn Democrats?

Vote Palin! That's not populism. That's how the government should do.

If you earn, return to the governed.

Let the governed use their head how to use it.

Instead of funding white elephant projects like the pork barrels.

Go Palin, Drill the heads of the Washington Dumbnuts!