Thursday, June 12, 2008

E-Groups the secret to Obama's success?

Patrick Ruffini posts tonite at the Next Right The Secret of eGroups!

So here's the story as I saw it, Patrick wrote a post a few days back defending Barack or at least telling conservatives to stop overreacting to some bloggers on the My Barack site .... "Ever since the kerfuffle on MyBO earlier this week, I've been spending a little time poking around the site. I even cross-posted something from here to get the hang of it."

So his post got a huge number of diggs and comments and was a fair post all in all. Then he decided I guess to dig into the My Barack site and see how it was really working. This is his follow up post on what's really making the site work.

Read and comment, the unofficial McCain supporters have e-groups on google and yahoo, but I agree that Obama has so far done a better job with the social network side.

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