Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Ross Perot and Barack Obama

What are the similarities between these three grass roots politicians who have run for President?

In the first two cases, they lost, and squandered their organizations by heavy handed top down control on organizations that wanted to be grass roots.

Obama's Organization, and the Future of American Politics

Micah Sifry discusses Jesse Jackson, Ross Perot and Howard Dean. All three very similar bottom up grass roots movements that ended up losing ... but are there lesson to be learned for this year and the Obama phenomenon?

I for one think that John McCain will narrowly beat Barack in November, and then the follow up question will be one of "will Barack mess up and lose all this momentum like his predecessors?" Will some Barack supporters end up voting for Mccain when they freely research his actual positions and end up being non-supporters ... but active at that?

Over at Effect of Ron Paul supporters in GOP we also discussed lately the Ron Paul effect, and whether this too mirrors these same movements. What becomes of the Ron Paul movement now? Will Republicans reach out and move these grass roots groups inside ... will they be afraid of their independence and make things worse by name calling and push them away?

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