Monday, June 30, 2008

Sarah Palin's Lt Gov for Congress

Patrick Ruffini wrote on this today at AK-1 support Sean Parnell Today

"A few minutes ago I got an email from the Club for Growth asking me to support Sean Parnell on the final day of the 2nd quarter. I didn't even need to read it -- I knew what to do. I clicked through and contributed, and felt really good about it. You should too.

Sean Parnell -- Sarah Palin's lieutenant governor -- is challenging Don "It's my money!" Young in the August 26th Republican primary for Alaska's at-large House seat.

Young is the worst of the worst when it comes to the nexus of corruption and earmarks. He was the original sponsor of the Bridge to Nowhere. And he is under an FBI bribery investigation."

Parnell: Make A Difference
Endorsed by Club for Growth and other conservative groups, and frankly I get a kick out of the Republican party kicking it's own bad apples out, that makes us a real movement for change.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Mr. Parnell is a party hack who has accomplished nothing except riding the coattails of his father and Sarah Palin. Watch him one time in any debate and you will see for yourself.