Saturday, June 28, 2008

Obama supporters treated like ATM's

Many of us are frustrated this week that Twitter has taken down the reply feature, so it's real tough to have active conversations there. So quite a few moved over to FriendFeed to keep things engaged. I happened across this post and resulting comments, albeit the original poster is probably a Democrat and many of the others are too. But suffice it to say, some of the comments are very eye opening. If you're sitting on twitter waiting for things to get hot, don't, head over and join the debate and interaction on FriendFeed.

"I don't want to be an Obama ATM"
"Now that he's running for general election, he's compromising and moving back to the center"
"He'll need millions, thus the reason he's moving closer to the Clinton power brokers"

Dave Winer posted a message on Twitter
The honeymoon is over. Obama is now running for President, with all that implies: need for vast sums of money, move to center, compromise with non-liberal voters. And now the backlash begins. "But he's OUR candidate! How dare he." - Leo Laporte

I take it as read that politics is all about compromise, and money. Take the latest vote on giving Telecoms immunity. Nancy Pelosi says she voted for the bill because there might be another bill that's worse than this one. I just don't see how a politician can be elected without selling themselves out in some way. I like Al Gore far better since he left politics (sort of) than when he was an elected official. For me the longer I'm around the more cynical I get. Lost my virginity with McGovern. - Henry Burger

I don't agree with Obama on immunity - but I'm a supporter and he was NEVER the most progressive candidate. Obama is being pretty consistent here with what I expected in the primary and the more I think about it, the more I agree with Keith Olbermann's take on this - Obama might be being smart here. - Lee Stranahan via Alert Thingy

I got the same email only they asked me for $25 bucks. Maybe it's proportional to what you've donated in the past? - Kyle

Kyle - it's much more effective to ask for a small amount - those who can do more will, and those who cannot won't be offended. - Anthony Citrano

@Henry Burger - You like Al Gore more - that's understandable. Firstly, because he does his cool slide show. Secondly, because he doesn't have to make possibly uncomfortable choices any more. Telling the world what's wrong is easier than fixing the world. If he actually had to fix the environment, he would have to make choices that a lot of people wouldn't like. - sebmos

Kyle, all my donations have been $100. - Dave Winer

I had a donation of $30 dollars during the primaries. Sounds like they are just asking you to re-donate the same amount you have in the past. - Kyle

Of course you're an ATM-what do you think he wants to show up at your house and shoot baskets with you while he finds out about what issues really matter? If you want that you better put a lot more zeroes behind the amount you give. - Mark Forman

@Mark Forman - You obviously don't understand the US election donation law. - sebmos

@sebmos - you obviously don't understand humour :) - Jordan Brock

Obama's a politician...shock! - Hrag

Yesterday I was sitting with one of Obama's Tech Advisers. We were having breakfast. He told me to look around. He said that everyone around us was Clinton's biggest money supporters. Turned out he was right, they spoke to these people later that day. They are very pissed, he said. Why? Because they raise money millions at a time. Obama has gotten them out of the loop because they were no longer able to buy their way to power. So, I'm now far more willing to be seen as an ATM by Obama. - Robert Scoble

Here's an article on this meeting: - Robert Scoble

There is always power and luxury to those that cater to those outside of the borders they represent. Obama and Corn will turn America into a modern day plantation for fuel. No energy diversity here. All about the money - Noah David Simon

So Obama is a bum because we all don't get to have a personal sit-down meeting with him? - Mike Doeff

I believe it is called a "Cash Crop Economy". America really will be a 3rd world nation, because we won't be able to eat our own food! Energy for the rest of the world. No more corn bread. - Noah David Simon

@Kyle and Dave: Typical fund raising is to ask for the amount you gave previously or a slight bit higher. It's all dynamic. You gave $30 last time, you might be asked to give $35, doesn't sound like a lot, but that's a 17% increase in giving, do that across a vast donation base and it adds up - quick. Politics and money are intertwined (like it or not), and I'm happy Obama and Democrats have finally figured out and harnessed direct marketing. - AJ Kohn

I think it's pretty amazing to see the extent to which Obama's supporters will rationalize his pointless conservativism. - J T. Ramsay

All this talk about money and special interests is why the US should adopt the California policy of two term limits. It keeps anyone from getting to entrenched and beholden to special interests. Or we could go to the Mexican policy of only one term and the holder of an office can not campaign for a new position unless they resign from their existing position. This eliminates the advantage of the incumbent and keeps the person focused on governing not raising campaign funds. The current system if broken. - Jon Erickson

Leo, then let him get the money from non-liberal voters. - Dave Winer

Obama is just like every other politician. He flip-flops and begs for money. I love how he said he would use public funding and then as soon as he found out he could get a whole lot more from people, he's doing that. - Jason Mitchell via Alert Thingy

Finding it sad that once again Democrats are finding ways to divide themselves and look for ways to lose an election. - AJ Kohn

I just wrote up my thinking on the changing money train in Politics here: - Robert Scoble


Cathryn Hrudicka said...

Please remove my name from your blog immediately. I do NOT support John McCain as President, and your use of my name and the others in this post copied from FriendFeed misrepresents me and probably most of the other people named in this context. If you think John McCain is the best candidate, it should not be necessary for you to use such cheap tactics to make the people in this post look like we support McCain's candidacy, when in fact, I do not, and I know several of the other people named do not.

briefs said...

Cathryn, at your request I have removed your name, which I think only fell on the line "likes" anyway.

If you read the post more carefully, you'll find that I suggested many of the FF commenters were probably Obama backers ... but were definitely starting to weary of being asked for more cash ... and some ticked that Obama ran as a liberal and was the most liberal Senator in the country and is now trying to pose as more moderate to pick up cheap votes for the General Election.

It's kinda nice to watch Senator John McCain be who he is. He wasn't conservative enough for the wacky right, but didn't move, and of course doesn't toe the line for the liberals. I guess that's what a real leader does.