Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama and Chicago Ties - Problem for election

The New Yorker investigates Chicago influences on Obama

Ryan Lizza writes a New Yorker article entitled "Making it: How Chicago shaped Obama." If you ask me, Barack Obama does not come off well here. Calculating politicians, ready to find scapegoats and godfather to pull levers for him and shower money unto him. But more importantly, 15 pages later, I find no evidence that Obama accomplished anything other than helping out on Project Vote. My guess is that he allied himself with ACORN on that one, but we don't see any information on that.

Lizza ignores his work on what he calls the two "liberal foundations" -- which is wrong -- especially because the Ayers connection comes up later. I could go on but this is the must read of the week. He is just a Machiavellian politician. And it is nice to know he once subbed for "Israel lobby" critic John Mearsheimer, and that he advised Governor Blagojevitch, who may be indicted over the Rezko affair.

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