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Press Release from Lets Get this Right

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Let’s Get This Right Announces Support

For Initial 15 Republican Candidates

For Immediate Release Media Inquiries: 617-763-6787

July 1, 2008

Boston, Massachusetts

The Let’s Get This Right Coalition, an organization with 25 websites, 165+ affiliated blogs, and roughly 15,000 volunteers/supporters all dedicated to Republican political activism has announced its support of the following candidates:

John McCain President

US Senate

Jeff Beatty MA – Senate

John Sununu NH – Senate

Dick Zimmer NJ – Senate

US Congress

Lou Barletta PA 11th

Tim Bee AZ 8th

Gus Bilirakus FL 9th

US Congress (cont.)

Henry Brown SC 1st

Steve Buyer IN 4th

Scott Garrett NJ 5th

Melissa Hart PA 4th

Lyle Larson TX 23rd

William Russell PA 12th

Jean Schmidt OH 2nd

Darren White NM 1st

Let’s Get This Right (www.LetsGetThisRight.com) is the outgrowth of the unofficial online efforts in support of John McCain for President. Those efforts include www.McCainVictory08.com, www.McCainNow.com, www.McCainGoogleGroups.com and 20 additional websites, 165+ affiliated blogs and roughly 15,000 volunteers/supporter nationwide.

The goal of Let’s Get This Right is to provide financial, online and “boots on the ground” volunteer support to this initial slate of candidates.

Let’s Get This Right is neither a PAC nor a 527 organization. It is not affiliated with any candidate, candidate committee, the RNC, NRSC or NRCC. It accepts no donations directly but rather fundraises for candidate campaigns through Slatecard.com, a utility to support and enhance Republican activism.

"Slatecard" is Slatecard.com PAC. Slatecard.com PAC is an independent, federally registered political action committee (PAC) which acts as a "conduit" to raise money online to help Republican candidates for federal office in compliance with the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA).

Let’s Get This Right is also working in conjunction with David Mastio, Editor of www.Blognetnews.com and www.rightyblogs.com which has taken down its Slatecard slate of candidates and replaced it with our initial slate www.slatecard.com/slatecards/letsgetthisright. Let’s Get This Right appreciates that type of grassroots operational support.

After seeing the results from 2006 and the last three special elections for Congress, Let’s Get This Right has concluded that the Republican leadership is fundamentally broken and that securing America’s future comes down to grassroots political activism.

The Let’s Get This Right Political Review Team selected the above candidates after a national review of US House and Senate Republican Candidates. The team considered many factors including the following:

1) The candidate had no further primary competition.

2) The candidate is opposed in the general elections in November.

3) NRCC financial support and Campaign fundraising to date is such that additional national support may prove beneficial.

4) Special criteria: Some candidates have peeked national interests based on specific causes or service to country and merited support from outside of their districts. Some candidates face increased opposition by left wing bloggers and organizations. Some candidates are in races with National significance in that a Republican win would remove liberal democrats from the House and Senate.

While it was not easy selecting the initial Let’s Get This Right candidate list, let us assure everyone that the list was not based on the requirement that the candidate should win. Each race is important and each will require a lot of work by the candidates, their support teams and the voters in their districts. Let’s Get This Right seeks to see a strong Republican base developed regardless of the election results.

Let’s Get This Right supports these candidates with no strings attached. We hope to be able to draw along side their campaigns, to offer assistance and to advance the goals of Let’s Get This Right.

Brad Marston - Co-Executive Director executivedirector1@letsgetthisright.com

Sheridan Folger - Co-Executive Director executivedirector2@letsgetthisright.com

Dr. Bill Smith - National Political Director. politicaldirector@letsgetthisright.com

Sharon Caliendo - Deputy National Political Director.

SJ Reidhead - National Volunteer Director. volunteerdirector@letsgetthisright.com

Media requests should be sent to mediarelations@letsgetthisright.com


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