Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama head-fake in Indiana?

Is he just raising money in Indiana to force John McCain to waste resources on a solid state? Indiana Hardball Conservative writer Chris Faulkner poses both the question and his thoughts on the matter:

Official: State fits Obama's game plan

The Indianapolis Star reports:
It's Official: State fits Obama's game plan: "Indiana, Plouffe said, is a 'state people are surprised we are playing so hard in. We believe that Indiana is highly competitive. We think we've got a terrific organization there, and McCain is not on the air and doesn't have any organization to speak of.'
Plouffe said the decision to run TV ads in Indiana and 17 other states is 'not a head fake.'"


What if the "Indiana plan" was part of a fundraising scheme for Obama?

What if Obama and HRC had already raised 1.7 million dollars out of Indiana and wanted to raise another 5-6 million? Why not invest one to two million dollars into a great diversion like Indiana?

NOTHING will motivate donors more than a real, or at least perceived to be real, local campaign for President. I think that if you "invest" a couple million into Indiana, even though you have no shot to win, but still net 3-4 million you can spend in Ohio, Iowa, Virginia or Colorado.

Why not do it?

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