Saturday, February 9, 2008

Alaska Governor for Vice President?

Like many Republicans I've been scouring the conservative landscape for a candidate for vice president to run with John Mccain and also beat Hillary, with my guess being that Hillary will choose Bill Richardson as her running mate.

First, we know that Senators have long had a difficult time, due to voting procedures getting elected President or Vice. I would have to agree with many that a Governor would be nice to add to the administration.

Second, when running against a female and hispanic on the Democrat ticket, I am loath to think that we'd propose two more white guys for office. Sorry, but I had to say it blunt so the naive would pick it up.

I ran across the following story today, America's Most Popular Governor, spotlighting the success of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Strong willed, ethical, straight talking, pro-life, and willing to fight the Republican establisment. Now we're talking. I like this idea.

Update: Sarah Palin, a former mayor of Wasilla, won the 2006 Republican primary race for governor of Alaska, defeating incumbent Frank Murkowski. She won the governorship, defeating the Democratic candidate Tony Knowles, and independent candidate Andrew Halcro. She became the first female governor and youngest governor in the history of the state.

I've done some digging among my peers on Active Rain and am awaiting some of their thoughts on their governor's credentials for Vice President. Will post those when I receive.


Chris Hedges said...

I'm going to have to read up a little more about Sarah Palin. From what you write, she sounds like a perfect GOP candidate for VP.

Mad said...

Thank you for all of your support. Our Bloggers have become quite literally McCain's entire online presence. We are the basis of the "Grass-Roots" efforts. Our new 'google-groups' launch (you'll see soon) will add to that effort greatly assisting both McCain Victory 08 and the official campaign.

Keep UP The Great Work!!


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Stephen R. Maloney said...

You'll want to look at the blog that launched the Draft Sarah Palin Movement. It's at:

Thanks so much for your support of Senator John McCain. I'll do my best to visit your blog frequently. Kyle Smith of the New York Post has written a superb column you'll want to see. It's titled "The Republicans Circular Firing Squad and the Ralph Nader of the Right [Rush Limbaugh]." You can find it at I write a daily column, usually about the presidential race. Today's column is: "Iraq: Is it Hillary's War?" Tomorrow's column will be: "Barack Obama: King of Bombast." You can find these columns at: Comments are always welcome (and I've been getting many!)

Steve Maloney
Ambridge, PA
National Co-Chair McCainVictory2008

Daltonsbriefs said...

Chris, if you find good links, let me know.

Mad, thanks for the comment, I'm very pleased to take part in electing an American hero.

Stephen, headed now to the links you left thanks.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dalton, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. On Gov. Sarah Palin, there's a blog run by my friend Adam Brickeley that has been advocating Sarah Palin for a year. You can find him at: Sarah Palin is a fascinating figure, and the Barnes article on her went far toward providing her with national publicity.

steve maloney