Sunday, February 24, 2008

John McCain today

Your McCain Support Online - seems that some people are suggesting that John McCain just can't seem to get the support online that Obama has. Bah! I bet this 70 plus year old will beat Obama hands down when the teenie boppers weary of the game.

How does Ralph Nader affect the race? - I see it this way. If Hillary pulls off Texas and Ohio then she picks up the nomination due to games with superdelegates at the convention. This will alienate a ton of Democrats. Sure at that point Nader, or Gore-Nader, or Bloomberg-Nader, or something like that can pick off some support especially on the coasts as independants.

If Obama holds off Hillary, basically suggesting that super-delegates that vote for her are racist ... and wins the nomination. Then Nader will have little affect at all. Clintons will do exactly what they did to Kerry and pull their support and their team out of the race all together and let Obama flounder.

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