Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Obama Watch - Lips Moving ...

In This Campaign, Obama Attacks Sen. Clinton’s Past Support Of NAFTA, Saying He Has “Never” Supported The Free Trade Pact:

Obama: “I Don’t Think NAFTA Has Been Good For America - And I Never Have.” Obama: “Ten years after NAFTA passed, Senator Clinton said it was good for America. … Well, I don’t think NAFTA has been good for America - and I never have.” (David Espo, “Obama Hits Clinton On NAFTA Support,” The Associated Press, 2/24/08)

But In His Last Campaign, Obama Praised NAFTA:In 2004 Obama Said U.S. Benefits Enormously From Exports Under NAFTA. “Obama said the United States benefits enormously from exports under the WTO and NAFTA.” (Ron Ingram, “Obama, Keyes Court Farmers,” [Decatur, IL] Herald & Review, 9/9/04)

Obama Said The U.S Should “Pursue Deals Such As The North American Free Trade Agreement.” “[Obama] said the United State [sic] should continue to work with the World Trade Organization and pursue deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement…” (Christopher Wills, “Senate Candidates Speak On Farm, Trade Issues,” The Associated Press, 9/8/04)

And Even Today, Obama Admits Repeal Of The Trade Pact He Attacks Would Result In A Net Job Loss:Obama: NAFTA Repeal “Would Probably Result In More Job Losses In The United States Than Job Gains.” “Obama, when asked whether he would repeal NAFTA, has said business ties among the countries were now so entrenched that reversing the trade deal ‘would probably result in more job losses in the United States than job gains.’ Instead, he said the treaty should be amended.” (Mike Dorning and Rick Pearson, “Trade Jabs: Clinton, Obama Do,” Chicago Tribune, 2/25/08)

Since 2004, Obama Has Also Shifted On Amending NAFTA:
In 2007, Obama Pledged To “Immediately Call The President Of Mexico, The President Of Canada To Try To Amend NAFTA…” “I would immediately call the president of Mexico, the president of Canada to try to amend NAFTA because I think that we can get labor agreements in that agreement right now. And it should reflect the basic principle that our trade agreements should not just be good for Wall Street, it should also be good for Main Street.” (Sen. Barack Obama, AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum, Chicago, IL, 8/7/07)

But In 2004, Obama “Concede[d] It Likely Will Not Be Possible To Renegotiate Existing [Free Trade] Deals.” “‘Free trade is important to the health of Illinois, but we need to be more effective in negotiations,’ says state Sen. Barack Obama of Chicago, a relative moderate on the issue. He calls for enforceable standards on collective bargaining and environmental protection in future pacts, but concedes it likely will not be possible to renegotiate existing deals.” (Greg Hinz, “Candidates Sing From Same Song Sheet,” Crain’s Chicago Business, 2/16/04)
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