Friday, February 29, 2008

The Friday before - Super Tuesday II

Who would have predicted that the complicated race for the Republican nomination would be complete, with John McCain firmly the winner, but that the Democrats would still be neck and neck going into Texas and Ohio on Tuesday? At least I'd like to meet that person!

Here are the stories I'm watching today, but the truth is, we're just waiting to see who Senator McCain will face in November.

Poll: McCain looking good in Florida, against either Hillary or Barack also Florida Hearts McCain

The Obama campaign has formally responded to the report on Canadian TV saying that a Canadian official claims a senior Obama person privately told him that Obama's anti-NAFTA talk on the stump was just "campaign rhetoric." So, he's for NAFTA or against NAFTA?

Contrary to popular opinion in the news media Republicans have a solid chance in November

Veep Sweepstakes for John McCain, who do you think the "maverick" will choose to face the democrats with him in November? (personally I like the long shot Sarah Palin but J.C. Watts or Kay Baily Hutchinson would be great too)

Barack tries to sound like a world leader, by suggesting that we dropped the ball in Afganistan, I guess now that Iraq is working, he needs to attack something or else he has to admit he was wrong all along.


AuntSarah said...

We are not really supposed to see blood in, America's #2 indoor sport, politics. But it appears now that if Senator Obama takes Senator Clinton out he will have her blood on his hands. The opposite maybe true if Clinton takes Obama out. I made up a campaign slogan, "Don't be a jerk, Vote for McCain." So far it seems about right.

AuntSarah said...

Where are the proud Republican Govenor of Indiana and our Senior Republican Senator? I have been particularly curious about Senator Lugar while Senator Obama has been claiming HIS leadership role in the efforts to secure loose nuclear weapons. AS IF we don't recognize the difference between seizing common ground and what Senator John McCain has done, which is FORGING it. Did I miss something? Oh, yeah, I have missed Indiana's endorsements of John McCain for President.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Aunt Sarah, if the primary and convention were just a few weeks prior to the election, I would agree that the dems wouldn't have any time to kiss and make up. But, alas I think they'll recover and this will still go down real tight again. Nadar will probably hurt them a tad at least on the west coast.

Mitch Daniels came out in favor of John McCain a long time ago. Lugar is very quiet and I am pretty ticked about that too. Time for Senator Lugar to say something.

BennyHinn said...

Here's a new Obama's video.

Obama: 2+2=5

Enjoy and pass it along, folks!

AuntSarah said...

Apparently the Democrats are reaping the benefits of their microtarget marketing strategy. I still think that 16 years ago the Clintons taught this country how to cut the electorate into groups based on race, gender, and income. And that NOW we are watching the Democrats cut their party up.