Monday, February 4, 2008

Why the silence from Fred Thompson?

After he dropped out of the race the rumors abounded, and we posited here that he had perhaps a day or two if he wanted to really make a difference.

Now, Tennessee votes tomorrow and the former Senator has nothing to offer? That's too bad. Even if he can't endorse his good friend John McCain, and feels torn to endorse a right-winger like Huckabee ... at least he could keep in the game.

Where is Fred Thompson? McCain bloggers have reached out to Thompson's supporters, and continue to welcome their involvement and help.


Anonymous said...

MOVE ON! WE FRED SUPPORTERS WILL NOT SUPPORT A LIBERAL SUCH AS MCCAIN! LEAVE US FRED SUPPORTERS ALONE! McCain and Huckabee are bad choices and are not conservatives and their records PROVE IT! move on and get a life! Fredheads will not support McCain nor Huckabee who is a wacked out politican and McCain's sidekick! PERIOD!

544 said...

I was a Fred supporter. I will never vote for the hypocrite John "Keating Five" McCain. Fred can vote for who he wants to. My vote is my own. Do you really think endorsements by all of these blowhard politicos will make one iota of differnece?

You are too dumb to understand the Fred Heads.

Oink said...

I am a FredHead and McCain has consistently gone against everything Fred Thompson stands for. He's a liberal and has betrayed the party.

Winghunter said...

How incredibly uninformed you are especially at this point in the race but then, why else would you be supporting a liberal wannabe dictator.

Fred Thompson was the true conservative in the race and had you done any research at all this fact wouldn't leave you wondering why, even a good friend, would endorse the unendorsable;

John "Juan" McCain

Daltonsbriefs said...

Hey, looks like we got the attention of the Fred supporters with that post.

First, let me say that I like Fred Thompson, and so does John McCain, as far as I know they're friends.

If Fred wants to stay quiet in Tennessee, that's fine. But this is probably the last time we'll hear or care what he has to say. If he wants to endorse a "right wing" conservative like Romney, go for it.

I think Senator McCain is the guy that can beat Hillary. And last I checked that's the key.

Daltonsbriefs said...

A final thought to the Fred Heads on the night of Senator McCain's big wins on Super Tuesday:

Where did you show your support and strength? If you all jumped to Romney, you may need to reconsider. You weren't going to be happy there anyway.

If you went to Huckabee, great, just like Fred Thomspon we respect Governor Huckabee and call him a friend.

If you came to John McCain, let us know so we can communicate and get the word out. The key battle is in November now. We need to beat Hillary Clinton.