Monday, February 25, 2008

John McCain in Indy

No, I didn't get an invite, I didnt even get an answer to my question "who's running the campaign in Indiana" Oh well, I'll just keep posting.

Here's some media write-ups on the visit on Friday to Indy.

The Star. The AP. The Fort Wayne JG. The Terre Haute Trib-Star. The Evansville Courier & Press.

(h/t to Frugal Hoosiers)

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Michael Schuyler said...

Sounds like you took mild offense at not getting an answer to your question. I'm one of the people you asked. I didn't give you an answer because I didn't know. Is there any reason I should have known? I did, on your behalf, ask about 50 other people. None of them knew either, I guess. I even went on the McCain web site to search, once again on your behalf. I didn't find anything. I'm up here in the top left corner nowhere near Indiana. Sometimes I guess you just have to do your own research and not expect someone else to do it for you. Just a thought.