Thursday, February 14, 2008

Democrats (Obama and Clinton) Scared to take a stand

From Publius Pundit a terrific post worth your time to read and digest: Two Democrats Betray Democracy. I have sided with John McCain against torture, but it would appear that once again the maverick has found a way to lead from the center, drawing on the strengths of strong wills on both sides.

Yesterday, one of the most important votes in recent memory occurred in the Senate, over whether the U.S. should engage in coercive interrogation such as the infamous "waterboarding" technique. President Bush has said such techniques are necessary in the war on terror and vowed to veto the measure if it passes Congress.

Guess which way "Democrats" Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted
.... (they didn't show up)

John McCain, however, did vote. And so-called Mr. non-Conservative voted
with President Bush, as did 45 other members of the Senate, sufficient to
sustain a presidential veto ... In other words, McCain a great and courageous
leader. And, by contrast, Clinton and Obama are cowering in the shadows like the
craven cowards they are. Leadership? They don't know the meaning of the word.
Ask yourself this: If he becomes president, how is Barack Obama going to protect
us from terrorism? By saying to Osama bin Laden: "See, I'm black, so you don't
need to hate America any more, I feel your pain"?

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