Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back to McCain

Like so many writers I found myself drawn to the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania over the last week, with my own heartfelt belief that Hillary needs to stretch this thing out as long as possible. So a 10 point win, when the whisper number was only 5 points seems like a strong positive indicator that this thing may go all the way to their convention. Good!

Back to our next President: Senator John McCain

From JohnMcCain2008

Not only do I think McCain will win, but I don't think it will even be close (at least comparatively speaking). Whether Hillary or Obama win their nomination, both are too flawed for the general ... (read the whole article)

A Hamas problem for Obama?by Mosheh Oinounou
While Sen. Barack Obama sought to improve his relationship with the Jewish community today by meeting with leaders in Philadelphia, comments by a Hamas political adviser this weekend could potentially hurt the Democratic presidential candidate.

Obama may need to push President Carter and his "entire family" away for fear that they become his next problem. Senator Obama really struggles with people in his sphere who say and do things that hurt him.

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