Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Webmaster for Mccain

BREAKING: Matt Lira To John McCain
Posted by David All

You heard it here (second): According to a trusted source, Congressman Eric Cantor's top online eGuru, Matt Lira, is moving to John McCain's campaign to serve as the "Webmaster." He'll reside atop the property at, devising and implementing online strategies to better promote McCain online. Nice.

Lira has been a humble leader in the politics + technology circle yielding praise and notice for Congressman Cantor in the form scoop after scoop of delicious porridge.

Cantor's operation will doubtless miss Lira's creative and execution genius, but Cantor is known for being quite the team player for the Republican Party, so I'm sure he realized how important this move would be for both Matt and McCain.

Prior to his service with Cantor, Lira served under Patrick Ruffini at the RNC as the Deputy Director of eCampaign for eCommunication. Given the good work Lira has done for Cantor, it's clear that Ruffini trained his team well.

Congratulations Matt and best of luck.

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Bob said...

The first thing Lira needs to do after taking over as webmaster is post this link to a new Clinton-Obama parody video. McCain bloggers like you will love it!