Friday, April 25, 2008

John McCain Blogger Call

from Blogs For John McCain's Victory

Senator McCain opened the blogger call talking about his recent tour of areas of the south that have been left behind economically. This included a stop made in Inez, Kentucky where FDR first announced the War on Poverty. Senator McCain stated the lesson learned is that the local government is far more capable of effecting positive economic change than large federal bureaucracies. He went on to say that he still believes in Reagan’s economic principals of keeping taxes low and cutting spending to increase economic growth; also stating that anyone willing to raise taxes when the economy is struggling doesn’t understand fundamental economic principals.

When questioned later about taxes, Senator McCain explained that Senator Obama’s plan to lift the cap on Social Security would affect people making $102,000 and that his plan to increase the capital gains tax would affect 100 million Americans. He repeated his plan to give Americans a summer gas tax holiday, and to temporarily suspend putting oil in the strategic oil reserves in order to provide temporary economic relief. He went on to explain that long-term breaking America’s dependence on foreign oil is the priority.

Several of the blogger’s questions were about Senator Obama and his ties to Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright. The first from Hugh Hewitt asked about Senator Obama comparing Bill Ayers to Senator Coburn. Senator McCain found the comparison offensive as he described Ayers as an unrepentant terrorist and Senator Coburn as well respected doctor who still has an active practice delivering babies. He was also questioned about why he wanted to see the anti-Obama ad featuring Reverend Wright in North Carolina pulled from the air. He explained that it is not the tenor that he wants his campaign to take, and that he voices his opinion as the nominee of the party and sees the ad as offensive to some.

On foreign policy Jennifer Rubin questioned Hamas’ apparent endorsement/desire to see Senator Obama elected president. Senator McCain agreed that he would be Hamas’ worst nightmare and knows that he is not who they want to become president. Also, he was questioned about Iraq and President Maliki’s move into Bazra. He was encouraged to see that the Iraqi army was starting to act independently. He admitted there were some problems with desertions, but was pleased overall with the progress of the army and the signs of success in that region.

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