Sunday, April 13, 2008

What should Barack Do Now?

@JohnMcCain 2008 asked the question: Do you think Obama was talking down to voters in Pennsylvania? What should he do to make ammends if anything?

Here are some of the replies by twitterers: (I'll update as I see them, hope I don't miss many, good start)

wiseophelia @JohnMcCain2008: No, I don't think he was, BUT the GOP would do well to point out that "elitism" = Harvard + Yale (Obama + Clinton)

owgriswo @JohnMcCain2008 Do you think supporting Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy is "talking down" to voters in PA? Your amends?

mosqueda @JohnMcCain2008 yes, drop out

joshcvt @JohnMcCain2008 He can't make amends when that was, likely, his honest opinion of rural voters who believe and support 2nd Amendment rights.

mofochickamo @JohnMcCain2008 No, he was just telling it like it is.

joshcvt @JohnMcCain2008 even harder to explain away is the implied equivalence, in Obama's mind, of faith, guns and racism.

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