Saturday, April 26, 2008

Should the North Carolina GOP run the ad

From Forbes:

Republican John McCain on Wednesday asked the North Carolina GOP not to run a television ad that brings up the controversial former pastor of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. North Carolina Republican party officials insisted the ad will run as planned despite McCain's request

From Campaign 2008: NC GOP Right, McCain Wrong

I strongly support John McCain for the presidency of the U.S. I have done a great deal online – and off – to advance the cause of John McCain, and I will do a great deal more.That said, I strongly disagree with McCain’s position that the North Carolina GOP should withdraw an Obama ad, one using Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American and anti-white comments to criticize two NC Democrats running for governor. Both candidates (Richard Moore and Bev Perdue) have endorsed Barack Obama.

Kevin Tracy disagrees with the ad: North Carolina GOP Snubs McCain, Attacks Obama and NC Democrats

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Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi Dalton: The Hoosiers are in the Pimary hotseat for the next 10 days. Thanks for the mention. The NC situation is complicated, because the Party there runs "conservative" Democrats, who really aren't very conservative but are difficult to beat. I was amazed that McCain asked them to pull an ad that he hadn't seen. He wants a "kinder, gentler" campaign, but unfortunately he's not going to get it. The Dems will dumps a billion pounds of mud on him.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa