Thursday, April 3, 2008

Indiana is all about the election right now

In just five minutes of poking around my favorite sites, Indiana is all the rage!

It looks like Hillary will win Pennsylvania, probably convincingly, and Barack then wins No. Carolina. That leaves Indiana as the swing vote this month. Will Hillary win it and gain the momentum she needs to convince delegates to swing her direction? I heard her live a few minutes ago explaining that delegates are really not "pledged" ... they can vote for whomever they want. Sounds like a new strategy brewing.

He cannot become our President - with video of Obama saying we should slow down the rate of defense

Obama Talks National Security: Slow the Development of Combat Systems

Indiana Primary getting national attention

Frugal Hoosiers: Plan on voting for a democrat? Don't even think about it.

American Values Alliance: Who Will Win in Indiana?

So, what do you think? Leave a comment, we comment back.


Morgan said...

Being a Republican and McCain supporter, it doesn't really matter who wins here.

I think Obama will narrowly win in Indiana. He has enough money to flood the state over the next month with campaign ads. If he makes several more visits here, that would certainly help him.

Hillary's efforts plus the possible factor of moderate Republicans will make it difficult for Obama no doubt. But I think Obama can still pull it off.

Morgan said...

I think Obama will win in Indiana. He's got enough money to flood the state with ads from now until May 6th. And he's still being seen as a candidate for change, unlike Hillary. However, I also suspect this race will remain open all the way to August when they meet in Denver even if Hillary actually wins in Indiana.

Kevin Tracy said...

Thanks for the plug.

I'm still not sure who I'm voting for, but Obama definitely has some holes in his plan that bother me as a veteran.

I'm looking into Bob Barr as a possible other alternative, but I don't know enough about him to vote for him before McCain.


PS. Are you going to that Indiana Blogger Convention in August? I don't want to be the only conservative who shows up for that thing.

Daltonsbriefs said...

Thanks Kevin, and about your question on the Indiana Blogger Convention, I actually didn't know there was one? Is there a link somewhere?