Thursday, April 10, 2008

McCain and Character

H/T to McCain Victory 08:

In a great piece from, Michael Lewis reminds us of why so many people admire and support John McCain.

The Great McCain Story You've Probably Forgotten. What an old anecdote about Mo Udall in the hospital reveals about McCain's character.By Michael Lewis(Excerpt)

And then, for maybe the third time that morning, McCain spoke of how it affected him when Udall took him in hand. It was a simple act of affection and admiration,
and or that reason it meant all the more to McCain. It was one man saying to
another, We disagree in politics but not in life. It was one man saying to
another, party political differences cut only so deep. Having made that step,
they found much to agree upon and many useful ways to work together.

This is the reason McCain keeps coming to see Udall even after Udall has lost his last shred of political influence. The politics were never all that important.

Read the rest of this great piece HERE.

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