Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dear Michelle Malkin: Time to reconsider

Found this very well-written letter from Publius Pundit site (extremely strong on international and security issues) to Michelle Malkin (who is beating a war drum against John McCain)

Dear Michelle Malkin,
As a conservative female blogger with a litmus test in the forthcoming U.S. presidential elections, I think we have a lot in common. Ironically, though, our litmus tests drive us to the exact opposite conclusion on Senator John McCain.

I love the man, because his stance on Russia -- my litmus test -- is exactly correct. Boot them out of the G-8 and then do all that is humanly possible to contain their neo-Soviet aggression, which includes sending truckloads of cash to terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, shiploads of weapons to freaks like Hugo Chavez and, worst of all, nuclear technology to Iran. In general, Russia is seeking to destabilize the Middle East so as to keep oil prices artificially high, since their economy
depends on oil. The Kremlin is trying to do in 2007 with natural resources what
it tried to do in 1967 with nuclear missiles. I presume McCain's stance on other
foreign policy issues will be just as good. I have no reason to think

You hate McCain, because you think his stance on illegal immigration -- your
litmus test -- is exactly incorrect. In the past, he's embraced a very liberal
attitude towards what you call "shamnesty," a legal measure that would allow
illegal immigrants already her to become legal with due paperwork and
penance.From what I can gather, you like Mitt Romney because he's tougher on
immigration (Giuliani i son life support, and also apparently pro-immigrant). It
probably doesn't surprise you to learn that I disdain Romney because he's way,
way too soft on Russia. Indeed, I'm not at all sure he has any clue what is
actually going on behind the new Iron Curtain these days.

Now, I want to be clear in saying I'm completely sympathetic with your position on illegal immigration, and I'm sure that your quite sympathetic to my position on Russia. You've routinely blasted Hugo Chavez, and you're one of the world's leading
champions in the battle against Islamic extremism.

So I'd like to ask you to take another look at Senator McCain.He's promised that, if elected, he'll make establishing border security a priority over "shamnesty," and you say you don't believe him. I understand your concern, because he's been abominably
wishy-washy on this point. But I think you'll have to agree that Romney has been
just as wishy-washy on the subject of America's foreign policy, if not more so.
If you'll excuse me for saying so, I don't think you've done enough to criticize
Romney on this point, and I'm a bit disappointed by that. Frankly, the idea of
him making our Russia policy terrifies me.

The letter continues head to Publius Pundit to read the remainder

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