Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dennis Miller on John McCain

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I happened to be listening to Dennis Miller on the radio on my way to a meeting this morning. He was a Guiliani supporter and was very frank that he's very happy to now support John McCain.

He took a call from a guy not happy about McCain, so he asked "what don't you like about Mccain"

The caller listed three issues: immigration, McCain Feingold, and Gitmo.

Dennis Miller went on then to debunk the callers first two issues, suggesting that the on immigration a moderate view will be more practical, suggesting that McCain Feingold wasn't really that big a deal anyway.

On gitmo he suggested that he'd be asking Senator McCain that same question too. No one seems to support water-boarding, but some are concerned about bringing terror suspects to the US and giving them "rights"

That's it, the only issue left in Dennis Miller's mind. Good now time for McCain to give his straight talk ... Surely he's got the experience since he was in a POW camp.

Dennis Miller endorses McCain

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