Monday, January 14, 2008

Twas the nite before Michigan

... and all were asleep, waiting and watching as Romney and McCain square off in their second straight head to head primary on the morrow. I have to call em like I see em, here's the match up as I see it.

Strengths for Romney - home field advantage since his dad was governor, he seems to have picked up the voter sentiment regarding a "one state recession" and decided to run with that as his main issue. He's getting some support from Democrats that don't think he can beat Hillary, so they are crossing over to vote for him so he can eventually lose to Hillary.

Weaknesses for Romney - he still seems plastic and made up, just got beat by Ole Mac in New Hampshire so he's showing signs of weakness.

Strengths for McCain - Ole Mac is Back, he won New Hampshire and is neck and neck with Romney in his home state. He is still a straight talker and he is still winning over those who are sick of politicians. McCain has the endorsement rolling in from Michigan media. He isn't taking the bait on the "one state recession", Michigan made a lot of foolish decisions. Time to cut taxes, cut spending, and go get back in the competition.

Weaknesses for McCain - He's still getting called old and he's still getting treated like he doesn't deserve to run the country since he wasn't a governor. I guess being a United States Senator and an American hero isn't enough for some.

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David said...

Romney, at the Detroit Economic Club, basically told the rust belt that he alone can fix the auto industry. Well, I thought Mitt was running for President of the USA, not Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Like father, like son, maybe Mitt would be better off taking over a car company, running for Governor of Michigan if he loved them so much, and maybe get a cherry post as Secretary of HUD like pops. Seriously, we all know that the old industry is lost to free trade, what is now necessary is for America to move into the service economy, that cannot be outsourced. A real leader would get that...oh right....John McCain already does!

Daltonsbriefs said...

I like some of what Mitt has been saying, but I sure don't think we can organize federal policy according to one of the 50 states.

The federal government is limited and can merely get in the way of progress on most ocassions.

I'd love to see Michigan cut taxes, invest in more innovation, get on the "green" bandwagon, and cut spending across the board. I sure don't think the United States should bail out an industry that has been ailing for 20 years.

I live in steel country, NW Indiana, and I would say the same thing here, no hypocricy. I don't think the government should bail out steel either.