Monday, January 21, 2008

Onward to Florida

... and the possibilitiy of a reduction in the number of candidates on the republican side. Immediately after John McCain's big win in South Carolina, I headed out for a day out of town and wasn't able to post here. So first some final thoughts on South Carolina:

  • I'd sure like to see Fred Thompson stay in the race through Super Tuesday, he's a friend of McCain and I think he'll eventually support the Mac. But for now, he can appeal to the right wingers (perhaps as many as 10%) and keep them from giving support to Huckabee or Romney. Remember just two weeks ago when Romney's people tried to get Thompson angry with McCain by floating the "endoresement rumor."
  • The line up of newspapers and media endorsing John McCain is now a daily announcement. Why do so many media outlets like McCain? My thought is that they like Mac because he speaks straight. The media gets so sick of the double talking from politicians that even if they have some "issues" they disagree with, they like John McCain's honesty and integrity.
  • I also disagree with Chuck Norris, and I think many voters do too, McCain isn't too old. Who's Chuck Norris to say anything? He's 67 himself.

Now onward to the Florida primary. What are your guesses? 10 days is a long time between primaries right now, we finally get a chance to breath and think before the next big one.

  • Look for the polls to show Guiliani finally getting some support. I think the voters are so gullible that they will start lining up for the new guy because the media keeps telling them they should.
  • Romney will keep talking about his delegates and "golds" and "silvers" but when will he put a stop to spending the cash?
  • Huckabee may find the evangelical bible belt gets fickle when you head south of Georgia.

More this week, stop in often

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